Unique Group Date Night Activities for a Fun Evening with your Partner and Friends

Dinner parties are always a great way to bring people together in a comfortable, homey environment

Which couple isn’t tired of the usual at-home date night that normally involves Chinese take out and a Netflix film? Romantic evenings with your partner should be fun and entertaining, a restful yet exciting time to connect with each other while you aren’t busy thinking about work or the next day’s busy schedule.

Looking for ways to make things more memorable without wasting time or breaking the bank? Just invite a few close friends over and try out one of these creative group date night activities that are sure to elicit many laughs and create special memories for years to come.

Challenge each other in strategic games with the whole group

Forget those boring adult game nights that are filled with rounds of Pictionary and simple charades. It’s clear that grownups need more of a stimulating challenge. For your next entertaining evening in, ditch the board games and host a thrilling poker night or chess tournament with your friends.

Separate your participants into teams, making sure partners are placed together, and create a single-elimination style tournament with names represented on a white board in the middle of the room. Don’t worry if some of your friends aren’t familiar with the strategic game, as even beginners can learn how to play poker and understand the moves before joining in on the action. Similarly, the rules for chess are straightforward and easy to get the hang of after some practice. Although these games aren’t traditionally played in teams, for the purpose of date night partners can work together, problem-solving and sharing strategies to defeat their opponents.

If you want to add an even greater aspect of competition to the tournament, offer one alluring prize to each winning pair such as a massage for two or gift card to a fancy restaurant. Couples will be excited to compete in a game night that’s equally parts engaging and rewarding.

Host a candlelit dinner and home movie screening

The most classic date pairing of all time: dinner and a movie. However, this idea isn’t reflective of your typical restaurant and film outing. Instead, the idea is that you’ll be hosting a glamorous dinner party at home and have each couple bring a different speciality dish. Evaluate the size of your dining room and consider a dining table that sits the amount of people you want to invite so that everyone is comfortable. Space-friendly furniture that can be broken down to optimize square feet is a great option.

After dinner and desserts, hang a sheet somewhere in your backyard, living room or basement, and project a movie that you and your friends vote for. Provide comfy blankets and pillows and enjoy the unique opportunity for a different type of “dinner and a movie.”

Couples that cook together are sure to have exponentially more fun in the kitchen than those who don’t

Compete in a blindfold couple’s bake-off

Blindfold baking: an activity guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh all night long! All you need for this idea is one tight-fitting bandana, baking supplies, and a partner willing to get messy. This can be done as a romantic date night with just you and your loved one, or as a group competition with other couples.

First, you’ll want to consider the dish you’ll be baking. Maybe you want to go simple with something like chocolate chip cookies or a bizcocho. Perhaps you’re up for more of a challenge and want to try your hand at a double-decker cake or delicious tiramisu. Afterwards, decide who will be the blindfold baker and who will be the guide. One person will move the other’s arms around the kitchen to grab ingredients and bake the night away. Just be careful when dealing with ovens and stovetops so as to not accidentally burn your significant other!

For group date nights, make it an exciting “top chef” experiment where couples taste each other’s creations and decide on the best.


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