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Someone at my children’s school pointed out the other day that by the time Tyrus leaves their Primary School I will have attended as a parent continuously for 20 years, which made me think about the different teachers and education the children have been receiving.
The school is excellent and I certainly have no complaints about any of the teaching, although sometimes I feel that it would be nice to help them when they are at home.

When I was given the opportunity to try out Twinkl I jumped at the chance. The children all love drawing and writing, but its hard to know sometimes what kind of topics they are doing and how I can encourage them, so to have a resource like Twinkl means that I have most of the answers and resources at my fingertips (apart from the older two, when I sometimes have to call on dad for help!!)

Eowyn will be starting school in September 2013, although she attends five sessions at preschool per week. I have never been the pushy type parents and haver always said they will learn when they are ready, but with the resources I am able to download from Twinkl there are lots of little projects and fun activities that will help Eowyn prior to her starting school, don’t get me wrong I don’t want her to know everything, but a little assistance with letters and numbers can’t hurt.

As a member of the preschool committee and a school governor I have a great interest in their curriculum, and with such a vast age range of children it is great to have something to give some guidance.

One of the major plus points of this website is that it is frequently updated and you can always find something relevant. Eowyn had great fun colouring in Halloween pictures and I am sure I will be busy printing out christmas ones very shortly.

An excellent resource for any parent and definitely worth subscribing to, especially with such a large family, its nice to have activities to keep them amused, but at the same time, help with their learning.

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  1. A lovely review and I’m so glad you love twinkl! We have a parents section on the site filled with great resources for supporting learning at home. Come and say hello anytime!


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