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I was thinking about going down the route of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but It was a little dull, so after a discussion with the kids last night about Halloween Costumes for this year to wear in the garden, I went with Wannabe at Halloween…

Tween Halloween Costumes

Halloween is not always for just tricks — it should also be full of treats.

While other people love the food, the get togethers, the parties, and the “Trick or Treat” part, there is something about Halloween that makes people, especially tweens, excited: And that is the ability to dress up in a fun costume and walk the streets with their friends collecting candy.

From easy to wear to complicated ones, from silly to scary ones, there are a lot of costume options for your tweens. They can dress up as fruit, their favourite candy, movie characters, or even historical figures.

If you’re thinking that Halloween costumes can cost a fortune, you’re the one in for a real treat. Believe it or not, there are tween Halloween costumes that cost less than twenty. 

Here are a few options you can choose from to make your tween’s Halloween a fun and enjoyable memory.

Warrior Night Hooded Huntress Costume


Let your trick or treater bring out their inner Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen with the Spooktacular Creations Warrior Night Hooded Huntress Costume.

This costume comes with everything they need for the perfect role play on Halloween: It has a huntress cape with attached hood, tunic dress with lace-up front, shoulder strap, printed waist belt, cord for the dress, and gauntlets.

Smiffys Girl’s Zombie School Girl Costume

If going cute yet scary is what she’s aiming for, this Zombie School Girl Costume is the perfect choice.

She’ll definitely scare everyone in this getup! Just add some fake blood and it’s the perfect costume for Halloween.

Rubie’s Harley Quinn Costume

How cute is this one?!  Is your daughter a big fan of DC? Let her be everyone’s favorite villain in this Harley Quinn Costume.

This costume comes with everything she’ll need to pull off the look perfectly: Jumpsuit, bracelet, belt, and an eye mask. She and her friends can create their own superhero group too.

Vampire Costume



What’s a Halloween party without Count Dracula? Let your tween shine with this Vampire Count costume.

They’ll transform into the most fearsome creature of the night with this set. It comes with vest with attached shirt and cape and pants.

Boys Mario Costume



How much would your tween love to play their favourite computer game character

This costume comes complete with:  Dungarees, red top, white gloves and the hat, all you need to add is the famous moustache!

Ninja Costume

Perfect for ninja themed parties, Halloween dress up, and role playing: This Ninja Costume will transform your tween for halloween.

They will wield the power of a mighty ninja with this costume. Each set comes with the complete suit, an attached hood and ties, face mask, belt with foam stars, two ninja daggers, and one ninja sword. It’s skin-friendly and made with non-toxic material.

Unicorn Costume



What’s a Halloween Party without a colourful unicorn?

Your tween will become a bright star full of fun with this unicorn dress, funky enough to be cool, but with lots of rainbow colours and a funky headband, what’s not to love!

What’s your dream halloween costume?  Or share your favourite Halloween costume you ever wore in the comments below.


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  1. These costumes are fab! Last year my girls were a zombie prom queen and a zombie cheerleader.
    I think my youngest would love the Harley Quinn Costume and the Mario one did make me chuckle. x


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