Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

When you have a large family, it can be difficult to get some quiet time away for yourself. There are always chores that need to be completed, plus you don’t want to miss out on those valuable moments as they grow up. If you no longer have an infant sleeping in your bedroom, it can be a good idea to take back this space to allow for comfort and relaxation, as well as a few minutes to spend practicing the different forms of self-care. While there may be occasions where your child needs to come into this space, such as to say goodnight, ask for something, or if they have a nightmare, you can start to make this space you own again.


Your bedroom needs to be well lit enough that you can see what you are doing, as well as successfully complete activities such as getting ready, watching television, and even reading to unwind. When it comes to the bulbs themselves, you might be far better off using LED lights for bedroom usage. These can come in a number of shapes and designs, for fitted lights, as well as any lamps you own. They are also very energy efficient, which can be vital when you have a number of other costs that are required for taking care of a larger family. Even though they cost less to run, they are still as bright as other types of bulbs, meaning you won’t lose out on light just because your electrical costs are lower.


Although your children may love having bright patterns and characters on their own bedding, you may want to consider some more understated designs within your own room. Not only will this allow you to have a more adult-feeling space, but it can also help you to feel more at peace. When it comes to bedding quality, you want to make sure that your mattress will properly support your body, taking into account any physical conditions or aches you may have, and that the duvet doesn’t leave you shivering or sweating throughout the night. Opting for a high thread count in fabrics can also give a more luxurious feel, allowing you to relax and remain comfortable.


While there may be children’s toys and posters, as well as family portraits, adorning the rest of your home, it can be a good idea to stick with calming themes in your own bedroom. These can help you to switch off from the pressures of being a parent, and take some time for yourself. Minimal decorations that make use of the walls or existing surfaces can also give the room a much larger feel.

While you want to do all that you can to be there for your children and meet their needs, it is important that you do not forget your own in the process. Treating your bedroom like a sanctuary where you can consider your own enjoyment can do a lot to boost your mental wellbeing, as well as to help you prepare for the day ahead.

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