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When we talk of residential houses, we can think of a large number of different types of residential houses. In modern times common ones are the flats and the apartments that are quite popular amongst the contemporary urban settlements. However, beyond this mediocre format of residential setups, some of us crave for something a little extraordinary and closer to the laps of nature. This is when you can try different form cottage home designs that are doing their rounds in the market in recent times.

What Are The Residential Cottage Home Formats?

Cottage homes are everything that you have ever dreamed for a house that you wish to own. Generally speaking, these cottage home designs exhibits designs of compact, stylish and comfortable homes that are generally close to nature and away from the concrete jungle. The basic designs and the features of these cottage home designs are what that makes them so very popular amongst people of various types. The cute dreamy look of these cottage home designs is what that attracts people to them.

When flipping through the cottage home designs that are doing their rounds in the market, there is this one thing that you will notice, is that the designs are made to cater to the simpler needs of the people living in the cottages. Each of these designs has something special and novel about them that adds to the benefits and the advantages of the people who will be living in these homes of small area of land. Let us now take a look at some of the cottage home designs that are doing their rounds in the market.

Slanting Roof

A typically romantic cottage home designs will be one that will have a slanting roof. It gives a nice cozy fairytale-like the feel and looks to the house, and yet again it is one of the most practical designs for a cottage home especially in a place which is conducive for rain or snowfall. This featured design of the cottage that facilitates an easy sliding off of the snow or the rain that has falls on the roof of the house. This is how the roof is kept clean, and any damage to the construction or the building is prevented actively and smartly.

Partly Moving Roof

In the modern cottage home designs, many new and fancy features have been added. However, most of the features have a reason or logic behind it. Often such features intended to bring in a part of nature into the house and make the inmates feel closer to the environment around them. One such feature is sunlight from the roof of the cottage homes that are getting increasingly popular in recent times. The roof that opens often allows the entry of the sunlight and air into the house known as skylight, which adds to the char of the whole setup.

Portable Cottages

These days, many of these cottages are so built so that they can be dismantled easily and can be set up in another place. This is one of the most significant benefits as these cottage home designs are portable and can be taken to new places in a simple manner. Often just a towing vehicle is required for the purpose made of lightweight materials.

Glass Walls

Many of these cottages also has glass walls which adds modern aesthetic features. It adds to the attraction of the design and gives a glamorous look to the whole cottage home design. However, such glass walls also have its own advantages and benefits as it allows more light into the house.

Most of these cottage homes can be made out of materials that are either scrap and waste from other things or have been recycled. They are an essentially nature-friendly concept that encourages people to be more sensitive and responsible towards the environment as a whole.

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