Transform Your Bathroom Into A Private Spa


Many of us like to unwind at the end of a hard day with a long hot bath, but what if you could make it an even more relaxing experience? Here are just a few ways to turn your bathroom into a private spa, offering the perfect environment for destressing.

Upgrade your tub

The first change worth making could be to upgrade your tub. A luxury bathtub is an investment, but it’s worth it if you want to create the ultimate home spa. Freestanding bathtubs are particularly popular nowadays – not all homes will have the space for these, but if you are lucky enough to have the space it could help to make baths more relaxing by offering more elbow room. It could also be worth looking into tubs with a slipper shape – this is the most ergonomic and best suited for lying down. An alternative could be to buy a whirlpool bath with jets to help you feel like you’re in your very own jacuzzi. These could help to provide a hydrotherapy massage as you bathe.

Add some ambient lighting

Ambient lighting could help to create a more relaxing mood in your bathroom by simulating an evening glow. You could go cheap and simply opt for some plug in ambient lights. These could include salt rock lamps, which can help to also dehumidify your bathroom. Alternatively, you could splash out on some wired in mood lighting around the walls or around the tub.

Try some aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of spa treatment that relies on smells. Certain aromas can help us to relax such as lavender, chamomile and jasmine. Consider adding some scented candles or incense sticks to create this smell, or simply use fresh plants. You could even buy an oil diffuser to help create these sweet smells using natural oils. On top of adding scents to the air, consider various bath products such as soaps and oils and bath bombs that can add extra fragrances to your bath time.

Consider underfloor heating

For when you step out of the bath, it could be worth having underfloor heating. This will give you a nice warm surface under foot that could be much needed for the winter months. There are other benefits to underfloor heating – it can help to dry up any spilt water on the floor and hence prevent damp and mould from occurring. Underfloor heating is relatively easy to install and can be laid underneath wood, tiled or stone flooring.

Install a heated towel rail

It could also be worth investing in a heated towel rail if you haven’t already got one. This will ensure that your towel is toasty and warm for when you get out of the bath. These rails will also help dry your wet towels so that they don’t get mouldy. The best way to install a heated towel rail is to simply replace a radiator – there’s no use paying for extra plumbing.

Splash out on some other small luxuries

You could also get creative and try throwing in a few extra luxuries into your bathroom to help to turn it into the ultimate private spa room. For example, imagine if you could watch TV whilst in the bath? There are waterproof flatscreen TVs that you can buy that could be a great feature allowing you to catch up on your favourite TV shows whilst you take a bath. As well as a TV, you could also add a speaker or two to your bathroom. This could allow you to listen to relaxing music as you bathe or simply could help to improve your TV watching experience. On top of this, you could consider installing a cup holder on the wall or next your tub if you’re opting for a freestanding bath. This could be a holder for a mug of coffee or for a glass of wine – whatever your drink of choice may be. Such personal luxuries needn’t be that expensive. Besides if you’re already converting your bathroom, you may as well treat yourself by throwing them in.

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