Top USA Charities Helping Domestic Adoption And How We Can Support Them

If you’re adopting a child in the United States of America, you are probably seeking a domestic adoption. However, what is domestic adoption?

Domestic adoption also known as private domestic adoption denotes the placement of children born in the United States for adoption by their biological parents, who give their legal consent for adoption with an adoptive family of their choice.

There are a lot of great nonprofits organizations that work on this cause. We have put together what we believe will be a useful list of organizations in no particular order that focuses on national adoption. Check them out.

Bethany Christian Services

This is a global charity that unites families and keeps them together. Supporting families for the betterment of children is their top priority. Their services include pregnancy counselling, foster care, and adoption. Also, they provide family counselling, assistance to refugees and immigrants relocating to the U.S., and they partner with many international countries to help bring families together. The service they do strengthens families to be responsive to needy children just as Christ intended. You can support them by volunteering, advocate, sponsor a global family, and engage your church.

Gladney Center for Adoption

Gladney has been a pacesetter and leader in bettering the birth parents, adoptive families and children’s lives for more than 125 years. With an unflinching commitment, through good and bad economic times, they have centered their mission and touched the children, families, and birth parents in the United States and around the world. They can be supported by joining the Gladney Family Association (GFA), serve, support, and share the cause of adoption on social media platforms.

Choice Adoptions

This is a private and non-profit child placement agency with locations in, Oregon and Vancouver, Portland and Redmond, Washington and virtual offices throughout the country. They can also provide a variety of services for biological and adoptive parents throughout the United States. They pride themselves in being family-focused and a strong advocate for community initiatives that ensure children are in welcoming and safe homes. They have been putting children in adoptive homes as long ago as 1958 and have been working tirelessly on this cause since then. Although in most cases they advocate open adoptions because they realise that some birth parents have a limited need for contact and privacy. They fully honour and support any decision that is made. We can support this organisation by donating to their cause.


Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a full-service organisation accredited by The Hague for child placement. The first embryonic adoption program, Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, which offers this unique adoption option to families, was pioneered in 1997. Couples with residual embryos are now given the option to choose the family that gets their embryo donation. The family that receives the embryos donations gives birth to their adopted child… Unbelievable!

American Adoptions

With over 300 domestic adoptions completed each year, American Adoptions is presently one of the biggest domestic adoption organisations in the USA. They are a fully licensed nonprofit domestic adoption organization that works throughout the country. In these times of illegal adoption placements and unlicensed adoption facilitators, expectant mothers and adoptive families have come to entrust only licensed adoption experts.

Heart of Adoption, Inc.

The primary mission of Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is to raise families through adoption. Nonetheless, they have gone a step further by making sure that all clients – children, expectant parents, and prospective adoptive families – are addressed as people with special situations, emotions, and needs. They believe in respect, confidentiality, and flexibility. We can support them with donations in terms of cash and materials, volunteerism.

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)

The vision of the World Association of Children and Parents (WACAP) is a family for every child. WACAP is a premiere adoption and humanitarian organisation. Founded in 1976, WACAP has placed over 12,000 children with caring adoptive parents and provided education, medical care, and food to over 200,000 children. World Association of Children and Parents (WACAP) is one of the most experienced and largest international non-profit adoption and child care organizations in the United States of America. They can be supported with donations, volunteers, reaching to the populace.


Spence-Chapin’s origins stretch back to the early 1900s and the path-breaking efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chapin and Clara Spence, who independently founded nurseries for abandoned homeless children in hospitals and shelters. Spence and Chapin nurseries paved the way for the development of social work techniques for adoption and later remained pioneers in the field of adoption after the merger. Today, Spence-Chapin boasts of their role as a leading advocate and prominent voice in adoption, and of their dedication to the welfare of all the adoption triad members – biological parents, adoptive parents, and their children. You can support them by being a family playgroup volunteer (High School Adoptees, become a mentor for adopted youths, Interim care providers, donate in cash and resources, etc

Barker Adoption Foundation

Ruth and Richard Barker who are also adoptive parents established the foundation in 1945 in Washington, D.C., following a request from the U.S. Department of the Navy to meet the needs of the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES). Barker’s structure was institutionalized in 1951 when it was the first cooperative adoption agency in the country. To this day, Barker has placed well over 9,000 children in the welcome wings of adoptive parents and have given counseling and support-related services to over 30,000 women and their families who are contemplating child adoption placement. We can support Barker through In Honor/Memorial Gift, Employer Matching Gifts, Gifts of Stock, Planned Giving, Shop Amazon Smile for Barker, Legacy II/ Endowment, etc.

Faithful Adoption Consultants

They strive to steer their families with integrity and honesty as they move through the rewarding and occasionally strenuous path of adoption. They love to cheer every single joy, but they are also there to inspire and love BIG in times when this process is discouraging and overwhelming. Each of us has a God-given desire to walk with the adoptive parents as they enlarge their families through domestic adoption. They want to see adoption become a full circle by exhorting their adoptive parents to foster a Christ-like relationship with birth parents. We can support through prayers volunteerism, and cash.

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