Top Tips for Buying a New-Build


Buying a brand new home can often be more affordable and feel more special than buying an older home, especially if it is your first home as a family. However, buying a new-build does not come without its challenges. With that in mind, here are some top tips for getting through the process in one piece:

Get a Survey

Lots of buyers make the mistake of thinking that, because the property is new, they do not need to have a survey carried out. This is such a big mistake because even new-builds can have their problems; usually, they are only minor snagging issues, but they still need to be noted so that you can move into your home in complete confidence.

If you want to save money on the cost of a survey, simply get as many building survey quotes as you can to get the best price.

Know What You’re Getting

If you’re buying off-plan, you will not have a house to see, which means that you need to find out for certain what you will be getting for your money when the house is complete. For example, does the price include white goods? A parking space? A lawn for the garden? If not, you might not actually be getting as great a deal as you think.

Negotiate the Price

If you are buying a new-build that has not yet been built, you are in a prime position to negotiate a really great price. Try to get in with an offer as soon as possible, and you are more likely to get a good deal than further down the line when more people are expressing interest. If you are unable to knock the price down, try to negotiate better fixtures and fittings, and other extras into the price instead.

Don’t Rely on the Show Home

Although the show home should give you a good idea of what you’re buying, you must remember that the property developer is using it as a tool to sell properties, and what you get may not be exactly the same as what you see in the show home, So, visit, take note, but do not expect your own home to be just like it.

Who are the Neighbours?

When buying a new-build, you can’t stroll around the development taking note of how many houses are filled or who the neighbors are, and this could leave you moving into a deserted development or next to neighbors who play music all day and night. To avoid such calamities, it can be good to ask how many homes have already been sold, and if possible find out how many have been bought by investors and how many will be sold to occupiers before you make your final decision.

Ensure Your Builder is Part of a Warranty Scheme

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, when you are purchasing a new-build, you should always ensure your builder has signed up to a warranty scheme such as Buildmark because this will offer you a level of protection if your builder’s company goes bust after you’ve made a down payment.

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