Top eight places in the UK to raise a family

Deciding to raise a family is a huge milestone in your life. Over the next 20 or so years, you’ll be responsible for nurturing and protecting your children. Naturally, you want to bring them up in the ideal location – somewhere that offers a good education, green spaces, good healthcare and safety. Below, we explore the top eight places in the UK to raise a family.


York is the fifth biggest city in Yorkshire and it’s an excellent area to bring up a family. It’s one of the safest places in the UK and offers plenty of entertainment for youngsters growing up. Indeed, its proximity to the North York Moors National Park means that there will always be green space available.


Sussex is one of the top counties to raise a family. You can go for a buzzing city like Brighton if you want to live in an urban area. Or you could go for any of the picturesque villages near London.


London is the wealthiest city in the UK and can offer your family boundless opportunities. With top schools dotted throughout the area, it’s well worth booking train tickets to London to explore potential homes yourself.


Gloucestershire boasts the Cotswolds and the ancient Forest of Dean, making it a picturesque place to raise a family. And with towns such as Cheltenham and Stroud growing fast, more and more families are adopting Gloucestershire as their new home.


Lincoln is another excellent area to raise a family. It benefits from a cheaper cost of living compared to many southern areas, but it still boasts high-quality schools, healthcare and plenty of natural beauty. Again, this is a safe area to bring up children.


Bath is a spectacular ancient city, blessed with famous Roman baths. On top of this, it’s surrounded by lush countryside and pretty architecture. What’s more, with plenty of job opportunities in nearby Bristol, this can be an excellent base for your family.


If you want to live in the North East, Durham is an excellent choice. With a low cost of living, a thriving university and the River Wear, there are plenty of reasons to start a family here.


Cheshire is an excellent spot up north, complete with a national park on its doorstep. On top of this, you’ll find plenty of beautiful, affordable towns to start a home in.

Choosing to start a family is a momentous step in your life – and it might mean that you have to move to a new place. But by selecting any of the options above, you should be all set to raise a family.

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