Top 3 Smart Home Innovations Worth Having

The future of homes is set and ready to go smart. A couple of decades ago, a lot of the technological innovations were mere concepts – the future, as we used to call them. But the future is rolling out right before our eyes. And our homes have not been left behind. Nowadays, it’s no longer a dream to imagine a home where most of the things you need can be connected to your smartphone, but it’s an accessible reality. Alongside several projects that homeowners are undertaking, IT is also doing its part.

63 American homes will qualify as smart homes by 2022 (that’s just a couple of years away), with the internet as well as other means of interconnectivity as the foundations. Currently, home technology is improving by the day and giving families the opportunity to save time, money, and energy. The technology is almost all-encompassing as it covers work, security, home management, and even finances. The big idea behind all these is simple – to make life simpler. So, in this post, we will take a quick look at some of the technological innovations that are worth having at home. 

Smart Glass

The days of having to drag yourself out of bed and trudge to the window to draw back the curtains or blinds are gradually fading away. The Smart Glass innovation allows you to enjoy the golden sun rays without needing to open the window. It comes with features that make it change from translucent to clear and the other way round. Also known as Switchable Glass, it can change in brightness in your room within minutes or even seconds.

Hands-free Bathroom

Imagine walking into your bathroom and commanding hot or cold water by voice? Now stop imagining. An innovation by Kohler called the KOHLER Konnect allows you to do all that and more. You can even warm your toilet seat by voice command before settling on it to do your business.

Smart Washing Machine

I’m pretty sure your eyes lit up at the mere mention of a smart washing machine. And this is no future innovation. In fact, Samsung has already unveiled its QuickDrive Washer. This compact washing machine helps you to schedule your washing cycle, check the progress of your washing, and even add some extra clothes while washing, without needing to turn off the machine. It also does other things such as checking water and detergent levels to make sure they’re at the right levels.

The list does not end here. There are so many other innovations that have already become part of the modern home – from wireless charging systems to smart refrigerators and security cameras. Even our physical address system has been given a virtual touch. The latter allows you to own a virtual address and mailbox service. Physicaladdress, for example, offers a virtual mailbox service that allows you to read high-quality scans of your personal or business postal mail online. You can also manage a virtual address or virtual mailbox from anywhere at your convenience. 



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