Tips to Make your Outdoor Area More Attractive using Awnings

Before knowing about the functions of awnings, it is best to know what awnings are. They are a sort of additional cover or roof that are attached to the outside buildings and can immensely help in controlling exposure to sun and heat. Normally, it comprises two parts, a canvas made of acrylic, polyester, vinyl laminated polyester or cotton and also a transparent, light, and cooling structure made of aluminum or steel over which the canvas is stretched. These structures also resemble the truce or the space frame. Awnings can be placed either on a door or a window or over the footpath area. This makes it the most sought-after product.

Different Verities of Awnings:

• No two awnings are alike and thus it makes them unique. Each of the functions to cater to the need of the user. While some may want a lightweight one that just shades the deck, others might one that shelters from rain, snow and even hurricanes to a certain extent. The various sorts of awnings are like Retractable awning, freestanding awning, Canopy awning, fixed wall mounted awning, Umbrella awning, Canopy awning.
• Helps to lower room temperature and saves energy: There are various retractable awnings which can block intense sun rays. The curtains which provide only partial cover from sunlight, thereby resulting in a sharp drop in the temperature of the room. There are various alternative to air conditioners and air coolers during the summers. Thus, these help in saving energy by considering cooling your interiors without any external electric aid. Cooling during summer’s matters a lot and thus this particular feature of awnings is utilized in luxury hotels where the flooring is wooden. The luster is retained over the years by putting up awnings over the interior of the room.

• Ensures privacy, most importantly: For those who prefer privacy in a specific area, awnings are the most ideal solution. You can even suspend and retract them easily with the help of a remote by adjusting to your need for seclusion. These are quite popular in spas, pools and clubs to ensure that the members get the much-coveted privacy. Privacy is ensured here.

• Provision for additional shelter: Since awnings are protected from the direct rays of the sun, they can also provide for an ideal place for children and pets to play. The sheltering property of the awnings also adds more time for outdoor entertainment. Space can be designed to your heart’s content. Guests can relax in the outdoors under the shade of the awnings without getting sunburnt or drenched in the rain.

• Aesthetic appeal at its best: Awnings have a useful function as a home decor item. It adds up to the aesthetic appeal as they are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. So, if they are placed over the patio area it can create increased livable space. Even if a screen room is added, the awning will become a pest-free outdoor room.

Awnings have been popular for a long time it also provides for better protection from inclement weather. They reduce the extreme heat and glare of the sun. In fact, it can be as much as twenty degrees cooler under the canopy of an awning. By preventing exposure to direct sunlight and rainfall it prolongs the longevity of outdoor furniture. Moreover, it is useful in more than one way. In the present time there are awnings which come with timing controllers, sensors and heathers. There are wide assortments of awnings from where you can choose the best awnings according to suits your house.

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