Tips to Make the Morning Routine a Breeze

Is your morning routine for yourself or your kiddos a chaotic mess? Trust me, we’ve all been there. When a morning routine gets out of control it can be hard to start your day on a positive and calm note, but there are plenty of ways to fix that chaos! Here are some helpful tips to make your morning routine, with or without kids, a breeze.

Get clothes out early

Whether your routine includes kiddos or not, setting your clothes and any kid’s clothes out the night before will save a ton of get ready time and decision time. This can help cut down the chaotic “I have nothing to wear!” feeling in the morning. I also have a wardrobe dedicated to the five children’s school uniforms and a drawer for their school socks, makes it so much easier to find everything.

Meal plan, and stick to it

Meal planning can help so much with your routine in the morning and throughout the day. If you plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner ahead of time there’s no need to clutter your mind with those thoughts in the morning. Most importantly, stick to your plan.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is crucial to how you process things in the morning and how your emotions react. It’s tough to get enough sleep when you’re busy, but try your best to set a decent time to go to bed for you and any children you have.

Pack or prepare lunch (or lunches) the night before

If you have kids, this one is a must for calming down the morning crazies. Make your lunch and kid’s lunches ahead of time the night before so you don’t have to rush to make them in the morning before they have school or you have work.

Create designated spaces for things

De-clutter the space that you are working with in the morning the night before. Whether this is setting up hooks for everyone’s bags, re-organising your work space, or anything else it can help your mind feel more clear and ready for the day.

Lay out your routine the night before

If you have a makeup or get ready routine, lay it all out step by step. It can help you remember what to do and make things more efficient as you do them. This way you don’t waste time scrambling to find your things.

Perhaps wake up earlier

Although you may not like the idea, waking up earlier can have a lot of benefits on your morning routine and your overall mental state. Getting up early can help your brain and preparations be ready for the day before everyone else is awake.

Breathe through the crazy

The easiest way to help your morning routine is to remember to just breathe! A lot of times your mind isn’t awake yet and you can get worked up a lot easier over things that go wrong or get hectic. Take it one step at a time.

There you have it, 8 ways to hugely improve your morning routine’s time taken and stress levels. Hopefully, these tips can help you whether you’re a parent dealing with getting kids to school or just someone having a hard time dealing with your crazy individual routine. Wishing you great mornings to come!

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