Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside

Are you trying to think of ways to tempt your kids to play outdoors? It can seem like an uphill battle trying to tear your kids away from technology. Whether it’s watching TV or playing on a tablet or smartphone, children today spend more time staring at a screen than they do playing outdoors.

However, there are ways to ensure your kids get outdoors more. Here, you’ll discover some great tips to encourage your kids to play outside.

Start by spending time with them outdoors

Often, the best way to encourage your kids to play outside is to lead by example. Spending time with them outside of the home will gradually encourage them to start playing outside by themselves.

You can do lots of things together outside, whether it be read a book, start growing your own plants together or simply playing games. The more time you spend outside with them, the more they’ll want to start going outdoors by themselves.

Encourage imaginative play

Kids love to use their imaginations, they just sometimes need a little help to get started. Why not encourage them to create a little fairy house outdoors? They can then use their imaginations to “play” with the fairies. This is just one example.

You could also invite their friends over, so they can roleplay together. Kids love all of the old classics such as Doctors and Nurses and it is way more fun to play with friends than it is alone. Of course, you could get involved in the roleplay too. You may be surprised just how much you enjoy it!

Get them a new bike

If you’ve got the budget, why not treat your kids to a new bike? Cycling around the block, or even just in the garden if your kids are really little, is a great way to keep them active. It’s also going to provide them with hours of enjoyment.

You can buy good quality mini BMX bikes from stores such as SkateHut There’s designs to suit both boys and girls and some even come with stabilisers. Whether your kids know how to ride a bike, or they need to learn, giving them a new bike is sure to put a big smile on their face.

There’s so many different ways you can encourage your kids to get outside and play. The above are just three awesome ideas. Why not join them and play outdoors too? You may be an adult, but it can be really beneficial to bring out your inner child from time to time.

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