Tips on Home Office Lighting for a Productive Workspace for Busy Parents

Working from home eliminates your daily commute and allows you to plan your schedule to fit your needs. However, the perfect home office requires a space that also promotes productivity and makes the most out of your time before you need to take care of your family.

The right lighting can make a significant change in your productivity while working at home. Here are tips on home office lighting for a productive workspace for busy parents.

Tips on Home Office Lighting for a Productive Workspace for Busy Parents

Working from home requires you to set up a professional workspace that allows you to focus on your tasks. Try these home office lighting hacks to have a productive working environment.

Use a Desk Lamp

If you have sensitive eyes, a desk lamp is an ideal option. Different desk lamps are available to allow you to work on your computer for several hours without impacting your eye’s health. Desk lamps also minimize eye strain while handling paperwork in your home office.

Another great thing about these lamps is that they allow you to work in the dark, in case you don’t want to wake up your children. Lamps also add aesthetic appeal to your home office interior design. Stylish lamps can also create a pleasing ambiance in your home office.

Install Dimmers

Although bright, concentrated light allows you to remain focused most of the time, there are going to be moments when you will feel tired. Bright, uninterrupted light can drain your energy after several hours, making it difficult to focus on your responsibilities later in the day.

Unfortunately, this can crash your mind. However, if you install a dimmer on your lamp, you can adjust your office lighting intensity depending on how you are feeling.

Play With Different Light Angles

To achieve the perfect lighting, try playing with different angles. If you are using natural light, it will determine the tasks you can perform in your home office.

For instance, if you are a designer or architect working on sheets instead of tech gadgets, natural light is an ideal option. However, align your office in directions that prevent natural light from creating shadows during the day.

Consider Natural Light

Although artificial light is what you are likely to use most of the time, it’s unhealthy for your eyes. Remember to open the curtains to allow the light in. Natural light also illuminates your home office without the harmful blue light from your screen.

Working in an area with natural light can minimize eye strain and headaches, allowing you to stay productive. Ensure the light blends well with artificial illumination. You can also keep a plant in your space to improve your well-being and make you happier as you work.

Position Lighting Carefully

When installing lighting fixtures in your working space, be careful with the way you direct their light and how you arrange them. While it’s a good idea to have a lot of light concentrated on your home office, ensure the fixtures are far away from you.

Keeping fixtures a distance from you is advisable because they can heat up if left on for a long time. Also, moving them a few meters away from your working space maximizes the area’s usefulness and the light’s coverage.

Use Task Lighting

The kind of lighting in your working area will determine whether you will feel satisfied working within that space or not. Due to this, you should use task lighting in your space instead of overhead ambient lighting.

Directed task lighting focuses light into specific areas, helping you to concentrate on what you are doing. It also helps your mind remain focused on that task. You can also step up this effect by picking the right lighting fixture that matches your home office design.


Setting up your home office is a great idea. However, it should allow you to focus on your job.

Try some of the above home office lighting ideas to enjoy a productive working environment.

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