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The build up to the year 2000 was quite bizarre, with people convinced the world would stop and everything would break, I was 5 months pregnant with Lochlan and we saw the beginning of the Millennium, at the local social club with Asa’s parents and Xene.

fast forward 20 years and boy has technology moved on, every child seems to have technology and they are quite proficient with most devices from an early age, so today i’m talking laptops!

Laptops can be used as a resource for completing tasks such as assignments and also providing entertainment to kids. By teaching them about computers this prepares them in using the numerous forms of technology that are present throughout today’s society.

Tips for Introducing Kids to Laptops

You should start teaching your kids some computer basics; such as user input devices like a keyboard and mouse. At the same time, teach them about general computer etiquette just like any other new individual. By going through this information you will learn how you can begin teaching them about computers.

The Process

There are some steps you need to follow when you are introducing laptops for students if you’re planning on teaching kids how to use laptops. Knowing them will help you understand what you have to do and how to go about it.


Make sure that the kids are at least 3 years of age because they are older and more likely to understand and grasp basic computer concepts. You should start by ensuring the kids have a minimum age of three years.

This is the age that children are more likely to understand basic concepts concerning computers. Children below this age will have a hard time understanding unless they are exceptionally intelligent. Furthermore, kids below three years of age are in the process of developing their verbal, language, and visual skills.

Tips for Introducing Kids to Laptops

Installing Kid-Friendly Input Devices

Make sure you have input devices that are designed to be used by children. Do not assume your child will grasp the use of a laptop when you teach them off the top using the laptop’s input devices such as a mouse and keyboard.

Why You Need Such Devices installed

Most laptops are designed to be used by adults. As such, kids cannot learn as efficiently as they would if they had input devices designed for them. You need to consider their level of learning and the size of their hands.

For example, you will need to go for a mouse that can fit on the child’s hands. If they cannot use a mouse comfortably, it will take longer to introduce them to a laptop. Since you are using a laptop, the rule of thumb is getting a “child-friendly” external mouse before you introduce them to a laptop’s trackpad.

The same case applies to keyboards. Go for keyboards that have large keys. This will ensure the child can tap the keys and navigate easily before you introduce them to the laptop keyboard.

Installing Kid Friendly Software

Always make sure you have installed kid-friendly software in terms of the operating system and applications. The best way to go about this is by making sure you get software and applications that are engaging and fun. This will significantly improve their interest resulting in better performance.

Teaching Kids How to Use the Internet

The first step requires you to install and activate the necessary parental controls on the laptop’s browser. You can block sites that are not child friendly. These settings are on all browsers and you can easily manage them. Once done, you can start teaching them how to use the internet to do simple tasks. For instance, you can teach them how to search for things that interest them like their favourite cartoon characters or videos.

Once they have learned how to do an internet search using relevant keywords, you can easily show them how this can be implemented in their studies. For example, if they have a science project, you can show them how to search for science projects that are aligned with their age and the project.


Introducing any child to a laptop is not a daunting task. With the tips above you should be able to introduce your child to a laptop. Additionally, the above tips will ensure they thrive.


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  1. Great tips, It can be quite daunting for parents introducing their kids to laptops but an important one never the less x

  2. My daughter honestly scares me some days. Lacks patience though and thats something I am struggling to teach her. The constant mum fix this, she is lucky I know how.

  3. I do remember the build up to the Millennium, and kids today are so much more tech savvy than we were, but that is because it is natural and normal to them. Mine laugh at me when I said there were no mobile phones when I grew up

  4. What great tips, this post has all the basis covered really! Though, as someone who didn’t have the internet until her teens, the thought of 3 year olds on the internet is quite funny to me!


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