Tips for Buying and Mix-Matching Designer Cushions for Home

There was a time when buffers were reserved for the wealthy and royal families. Nowadays, designer cushions are luxury items that people often use to fill up space over the bedroom, living room, and outdoor sitting areas. A little bit of information about the cushions’ style, history, and art will help you in selecting the best designer cushions online. Keep in mind that the looks and feel of your room will play an essential role in the final decision you take, along with your budget. Here are the top tips for choosing the best cushions.

Buy for The Existing DĂ©cor and Not the Other Way Around

If you are looking for designer cushions online, make sure to match the color combination of the cushions with your current color scheme in the room. You can use the contrast patterns to mix and match the existing color combinations, as well. For example, if you have bold colors in your room, you can choose neutral color designer cushions and vice versa.

Get Bold to Make It Interesting

When you are choosing the designer cushions online, you will see several choices that will fit perfectly in your room. In many cases, while buying cushions, we try to play safe and choose colors that are not-so-bold. However, if you are getting bored with the monotonous tone of your walls, you can throw in some retro decorative style designer cushions or go medieval-style cushions to give your room a completely new look.

designer cushions are perfect for adding luxury

Textures and Patterns Are Always Interesting

There are so many textures available in designer cushions online. You can opt for velvet, silk, heavy work, or light texture cushions while keeping the looks of the room in mind.

Re-Arrange the Existing to Make Space for The New

If you are adding new cushions to your current collection, you can always mix and match them. Rearrange the old cushions and try to fit the new ones in them. Check what pattern and colour will suit them best. The more you experiment, the better you will get with the arrangement.

designer cushions are perfect for the lounge

Get Inspired by Different Periods and Locations

Think about different locations around the world and try to pick inspiration from them. How about you buy designer cushions online that have Paris as a theme! Or how about a complete set of designer cushions based on modern art. There are so many possibilities that you can choose and try new looks for your home.

designer cushions are perfect decor

The Older Look is the Better Look

Most of the people do not want the cushions to look new all the time. If you are one of them, you can always make them look like if someone has used them a few times. All you need to do is to press the cushion from the middle for a while and create a crease.

designer cushions are perfect for the bedroom

Shapes and Sized Can Spark Up Your Room

There was a time when cushions were available majorly in square shape. The time has changed now, and you can find a lot of different shapes and sizes in designer cushions online. When you are choosing the right set of cushions, make sure to factor in the sitting space you have where you want to use the cushions. Choose the shape and size accordingly so that they not only fit perfectly in the sitting space but also spark up the whole room.

If Nothing Works, Get Neutral

In the end, it is going to be your home, which will see some makeover. Choices in designer cushions online are countless, and you can find a lot of options in your budget. Make sure you choose the ones which are not only long-lasting but are comfortable as well.


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