Time to Decorate, but which room first ?

Last  month we had a change around of the bedrooms, Viggo and Tyrus are now in the small bedroom in very funky castle bunk beds (chunky enough that both of them can climb up and down safely and low enough that I can still put them into bed without damaging myself!)

Xene has given up her bedroom to Kaide and Lochlan, and she has moved into the bigger bedroom with Neva and Eowyn, we have lived in this house nearly nine years and we haven’t really updated the decor for a couple of years, mainly as I have either been pregnant or had a tiny baby for quite a few years!

Now that Viggo is older and doesn’t rely on being within an inch of my side, we are finding that we are able to do more and start the long task of getting jobs done around the house!

Xene’s bedroom had a wall of pink flowered wallpaper, so that has been stripped and the boys bedroom is painted bright yellow, which the girls would like to change (I can’t understand why !) so we are now starting to look for appropriate wallpaper, and I have discovered a website that I can pretty much order the entire house from! (I’m not kidding) Lionshome has absolutely everything, from gorgeous little accessories, right the way through to the actual wallpaper and you can browse from the comfort of your lounge, or sitting on your phone waiting for the kids to come out of school, in fact, anywhere you have access to the internet! The only problem you may have is deciding which items to purchase as there are just so many!

The boys have decided that they would like a feature wall behind their beds with a Stars Wars mural, I thought that was asking too much, but type in Star Wars mural and I am met with three pages of them!

Time to decorate Lionshome lionshome decorate lionshome-star-wars-mural-3 decorate

So, I shall let them discuss and see which they decide, and I am sure they will discover all of the super cool accessories, like the Death Star Mood Light or the Yoda Alarm Clock!

lionshome-death-star-light lionshome-yoda-alarm-clock

As for the girls, they all have COMPLETELY different tastes in style and colour, so I predict that they will have three different coloured walls and a designated area for each of their belongings!

Do you children share a room, do they agree on the decor or is that your decision ?

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  • RachelSwirl

    September 12, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    I like the idea of a shared room with different coloured walls x

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