Three Family Friendly Floors

Having children changes everything. You start reconsidering everything around you, and your house is one of those things. Everything inside can be a potential danger for them, so you decide to child proof everything. But what about your floor? This post brings you three floors that are child-friendly not only because they are safe for your kids but also because they will prove to be quite resistant to their little “misadventures”.

Engineered Wood Flooring

The perfect compromise when you love solid wood but need something a bit more resistant. Engineered wood floors are great for busy homes thanks to the way they are constructed. Engineered flooring is made up layers of plywood that is then topped with a solid wood layer. Hence the reason it looks exactly as its hardwood counterpart. This makes these floors incredibly durable, something to consider when you’ve got the “pitter patter” of tiny feet. Another great advantage to these floors, and this might be the best, is that they are able to withstand fluctuation in temperatures. This makes engineered floors safe for installation with underfloor heating, so is great for modern properties.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring could be considered the cheaper cousin to engineered flooring. Also imitating the look of a real wood floor, a laminate floor is an ideal option for family homes. The key reason why is that laminate floors are totally water resistant. This means that these floors can handle and juice spills or food tantrums without causing long-term damage to the floor itself. In terms of maintenance, laminate floors are very easy to care for. This is defiantly something to keep in mind when looking for a family friendly floor. With the amount of messes your kids will inevitably make, you want a floor that is quick and simple to clean. All laminate floors need is a sweep and or hoover and a run over with a damp mop to maintain its stunning looks.

Vinyl Flooring

The main advantage of vinyl floor tiles is that is they are cheapest floor on the market. When kids come in to the picture, you’ll undoubtedly be looking to cut costs where you can. Vinyl floor is made of plastic and it is because of this it is fully waterproof. So, unlike other floors no matter how much water is spilled on the surface, the floor won’t swell or absorb. This makes it a very versatile floor since it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens without the worry of moisture damage. Vinyl has a softer texture to it, so any trips or falls will cause less impact and this is helped by the non-slip resistance of a vinyl floor. On top of all that, vinyl replicates the look of wood and tile so offers you a huge range in terms of design and personalisation.

Making decisions in your home when it comes down to children can be difficult. Hopefully with these tips you will find your ideal family friendly floor that bit quicker!

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