My Three April Babies

So, the next six weeks will see all seven children at home together, before our eldest Xene sets off for university, it has made me think lots about when they all entered into the world, and how long ago it all seems (I guess Xene aged 19 was a long time ago!), but I still remember them like they were yesterday!


Xene was due in May, but she made her appearance into the world 8 days early, I was induced due to high blood pressure and the possible onset of pre-eclampsia. She was obviously ready to enter the world as the induction started at 7am and she was born at 19.03 the same evening, weighing 6lb 15. I had an epidural, and a little bit of gas and air. We stayed in hospital for a couple of days, but by the end of day 2 I was climbing the walls and wanted to go home, which they allowed, when my midwife came to do my home visit, my blood pressure was over 200 and they had not given me anything to control it, luckily I had an amazing midwife who actually came back to the house late evening to check if my bp had decreased (which it hadn’t) and both Xene and I were readmitted as I was breastfeeding, we had two days in hospital on medication to bring my bp down, I will always be grateful to that midwife for being so on the ball, I do wonder if ladies giving birth today are experiencing the same kind of service, but with the cuts and the stretched services, I very much doubt it.

Lochlan was due end of April, two years later, but I had dreadful problems with SPD, so the consultant agreed to a slightly earlier date for induction, which just happened to be the same date as my husband was booked in for his nose being straightened after a rather exuberant rugby training session! I went in at 7pm and the induction began at 10pm, by 3.30am Lochlan arrived! (Asa only just managed to get there in time as they had sent him home because it wouldn’t happen until the next day!). Another epidural and a few whiffs of gas and air. This time, pretty straight forward and no increased bp. we were allowed home after 6 hours.

Neva was due in April 3 years later (very bad planning on our part), one day after her due date I felt the not so familiar contractions, I breathed through them, called Asa’s parents for babysitting duty, changed the bed covers between contractions, called the labour ward and said it didn’t sound like established labour yet, but as we lived about 15 minutes away to make our way there in our own time, by the time Asa’s parents arrived it had certainly intensified, so I urged Asa to get there as quick as possible, I still have vivid memories of clutching the side of the car for a contraction and then practically running across the car park before the next one began, I had visions of calling our child Laguna when she is born in the car!! Thankfully (with the help of a wheelchair) I made it onto the delivery suite, when I was met with very calm midwives, who asked me to get undressed and go and do a urine sample! Er I don’t think so as I could practically feel a head between my legs, not even time for gas and air, one push and she was out! Unfortunately the speed that she arrived did mean she had already passed meconium, so we had to stay in overnight to be monitored, thankfully everything was fine and we were allowed home the following morning to begin our life with a family of five!

And that is the beginning of our large family, there are no more in April as I think it would bankrupt us, particularly as I am the end of March, Asa is mid April and you usually have Mothers Day and Easter somewhere in the mix too!


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