This One’s For Mum


Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is looming and somewhere on the horizon we can see Mother’s Day rearing it’s head.

Mother’s Day is fantastic as it really marks the end of the darker and colder months.  Daffodils are usually scattered all over the country and many other bright blooms scream of the summer ahead.  It is a fantastic day.

Children really enjoy this occasion too and many schools get busy making cards and creating gifts but it doesn’t have to end there.

In some families it is the grandparents who help children create a fantastic surprise for mum, so if you have grandchildren in your family, we have a few great ideas for making their mum feel extra special this year.

Get Baking

Spending time in the kitchen with kids can be a little messy but it’s a lot of fun! Think simple when you have little hands baking.  Some chocolate cookies would be a great gift to surprise mum with.  Cupcakes are also a brilliant gift that is really simple to make but gives the kids an opportunity to go wild on the decoration.  The only problem with baked goods, is they don’t tend to last very long!

Give From the Art

Children of all ages love to draw.  From a young toddler making their very first finger paintings with bright colours all merging into one, to the teenager with an eye for detail and a well learned technique.  Providing you have some good quality paper and plenty of crayons, paint, pens or pastels there is limitless ways of making something really special that can be kept for ever.  The bonus of these kinds of gift is they can be popped in a picture frame and kept forever! A really great reminder of how treasured mums really are.

Make It Snappy!

What could be more perfect than a beautiful photo, either of the children or taken by the children.  We have so many ways of taking the perfect snap now.  Whether it’s our mobile phone camera or a digital camera taking a perfect photo is easier than ever before.  How you present it is up to you.  Either get the children to create a photo frame like one of these, or you could have the image put onto canvas to really make it stand out.  Or what about on a mug or even a puzzle!?

Getting Novel

The Novelty gift will always go down well.  Especially from children.  You also don’t have to break the bank to find something personal or fun.  There are plenty of great companies selling unique gifts.  For mums who enjoy being in the kitchen you could get her a personalised apron.  Get online and let the children choose, you’ll be amazed what they see as a brilliant present and it helps them learn how to really think about other people.

The best thing about all of these ideas is that they work for Father’s Day too! Although June is a little beyond the horizon right now!

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