These Boots Are Made For Walking – Hopefully!

Our family loves going out for walks, and although where we live is very flat, most of our holidays involve some hills or mountains to climb, so when I was given the opportunity to test out a pair of Walking Boots, I couldn’t wait..

From the giving of my address to the delivery of the boots was only 48 hours which was very impressive, and no-one else could claim the box as it clearly stated where it was from…

They were packaged in a very sturdy box, which meant that they were not crushed or damaged in transit.

 On opening the box I found a very funky looking pair of boots with very good grips on the soles, extremely important for me as I am usually carrying one of the children on my back when we go out walking, so the last thing I want to do is slip, especially as we tend to go out in wet and cold weather, or snow, our friends and families always comment on the fact that we very rarely go on holiday in warm weather!!

One of my favourite parts was the fact that I had a choice of two pairs of laces, meaning I could make them look more girlie or stick with the beige laces, but I may then run the risk of one of the older children stealing them!!

They are not too high up the leg which I have found with some boots, especially for a shorty like me!! 

For more information on Hi tec footwear you can visit their website
Look out for my next post on these boots to find out how they held up out walking in Lincolnshire during the wet weather at Half term

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