The ‘Sandwich Generation’ – Under Pressure and Missing Out

There are many adults that are juggling caring for their own children, as well as taking care of their own parents, according to a new survey by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, one in four people aged 40-60 spend more time looking after the health of others than their own. 17 per cent admit that their own health suffers due to the demands of looking after others.

The ‘Sandwich Generation’ as named by social worker Dorothy Miller in 1981 – describes those who are “sandwiched” between looking after young children and ageing parents, as their primary caregiver, nowadays it is quite common for couples to have their children later in life, and with the older generation living even longer, many people will find themselves in this position.

ABDO commissioned the Relations Group, to interview 2,000 members of the ‘Sandwich Generation’, asking them about how they look after their own health, that of their parents and their children.

The research found that looking after their eyes was a key area that was sacrificed due to lack of time, with 7 per cent having not been to the optician for a staggering nine years or more, I must admit I cannot remember when I last went to an optician, although I am always up to date on the children’s appointments, like every thing, you always seem to put yourself last in the queue.

ABDO has produced an infographic that highlights the main survey results and how those interviewed look after their own health, and their eye health in particular, which is shown below.

ABDO Board member and Dispensing Optician Jo Holmes says, “Regular eye tests are readily available to everyone in the UK near their home. Many optical practices are open at weekends and have late night opening. A sight test is a vital health check and can detect early signs of eye disease before permanent damage occurs. Don’t just look after others: look after your own eyes too.”

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