The Perfect Valentines Meal for two at Tescos

This Valentines Day, like most years, Asa and I will not be having a quiet, romantic evening in by ourselves with candlelight, soft music and a romantic meal, the last time this happened was 1998 when I was 7 months pregnant with Xene!!

In reality, our Valentines evening will be spent with seven children all needing different things and us trying desperately to get them in bed so we can at least eat a meal together! (As I sit here typing I have Viggo in my left arm and Tyrus in my right!!)

A nice romantic meal can be achieved with very little effort, and a very reasonable price.
This year Tescos have an amazing offer on – The perfect Valentines Meal from their Finest Range for just £20.

You get two main meals, two side dishes, two desserts and either a bottle of fizz or wine, or a box of Belgian Chocolates (no guesses which I will choose!)

These are just a few of the items included in the deal, others include finest* a la carte Lamb Shank with Roasted Vegetables, finest* a la carte Beef Wellington, Potato & Parsnip Dauphinoise, finest* a la carte Triple Cooked Chips, and many more that sound equally delicious, and without the mess in the kitchen!
Perfect for parents with seven children!!

What will you be doing for food on Valentines Night ?

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