The Miracle Box Birthing Ball

When I went into labour with Kaide, the midwife on duty suggested I try a Birthing Ball during labour, I had never used one during the other labours, but was keen to try anything that made sitting slightly more bearable!

From that moment I was hooked, it was great to be able to sit on something comfortable and rock backwards and forwards, during contractions, so when I went in with Eowyn the first thing I asked for was a birthing ball, in fact I think it was in my birth plan.

Knowing that I was going to have Tyrus at home, I got one to use at home. As we had expected that Tyrus would be our last child, I no longer had use for the ball and gave it away, however on discovering that baby number seven was coming along, the first thing I put on my list was another birthing ball, so when The Miracle Box asked if I would like to review one I was a tiny bit excited!!

When the ball arrived, it wasn’t just a ball like before, it came in a lovely box with lots of information, including exercises for during pregnancy and postnatal, which I thought was very handy. There is also a fantastic Information Sheet on Birth & labour Positions using a Birth Ball, which has a series of helpful photographs and descriptions to help during labour and the birth.

I read the instructions which told me to inflate the ball 80% and leave 24 hours before fully inflating, which my lovely son Lochlan did.

The next day we continued inflating, there was a black tape that you put around the circumference, and when the two holes in the end met, this was at full inflation, I did not think that it would go to that size, and Lochlan was a little too nervous to inflate, so Asa took over, he did inflate it to the exact measurement. We had chosen the 55cm ball, as I am only 5ft 2inches so required the smaller one, although taller ladies have the option to choose the larger size.

With only ten weeks to go of this pregnancy, my appointment confirmed on Friday that the babies head was already down, although not engaged, which would explain the constant uncomfortable twinge every time I take a step or sit on a hard chair.

I can now report that I have something bearable to sit on!
The ball feels extremely sturdy and I am confident to sit and bounce on it, the size is perfect and I think that some of the previous balls I have used were just too big, and didn’t help my positioning as well as this one.

Tyrus is also quite keen on the ball, though more as play equipment!


I can see this getting an immense amount of use over the next ten weeks, if I can keep it away from the children!!

That is part one of preparation for birth, now I just need to decide how I have this baby!!

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