Back To School – The Final Countdown..

This time in 19 hours four of my six children will be back to school. Kaide moves into year one, which has a super new classroom built to accommodate the system of 5-11years. Up until two years ago Suffolk Schools still had a Middle School that the children transferred at age 9 until 13. This has now ceased which means that both Xene and Lochlan will begin High School together and Neva’s Year 4 are no longer the oldest in the school.
As you can imagine getting six children up and out in the morning is no easy task, so I have decided to write a New School Year Resolution List, how long I can keep them up who knows…
1. Make Packed lunches the night before and put in the fridge.
2. Ensure PE Kits are ready Sunday evening-remember to wash them Friday Night
3. Iron shirts/blouses/jumpers/trousers as they come out of the tumble drier to avoid ironing mountain
4. Ask children when they come home from school if they have homework for the next day to avoid bedtime homework panic.
5. As soon as newsletter arrives put dates on calendar- check for said newsletters at the end of each week to avoid disappearing into bookbag black hole!
6. When a letter comes home requiring signing/payment do it immediately DO NOT leave on the side for the gremlins to eat it.(the invisible ones that take everything not referring to my children!)
7. Check every week that their shoes and trainers still fit and are not falling apart…
8. Ensure EVERYTHING is labelled.
9. Get up when the alarm goes off, DO NOT hit the snooze button.
10. Discuss with opinionated toddler about what she is going to wear the next day and put out on chair to avoid full scale tantrum at 7am
11. Put out bowls, spoons and cereal choices on the table so they can help themselves.
12. Attempt to give instructions in a calm and quiet manner (I can try!)
13. Do not allow the television or games consoles to be switched on under any circumstances.
14. Read younger children’s reading books with them, BUT remember to write that you have in their reading records.
15. Sign homework diaries for the older children to avoid encouraging signature forgeries. (so glad my surname was Lee as a child!)
16. Ensure older children’s ties are tied correctly.
I Mandi Jane Morrison shall try to  achieve these New School Year resolutions for at long as is possible, maybe I will reflect on these in a month and see if I am still sticking to any!
If you have any more please feel free to add in the comments box xxx


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