The Career Person’s Guide to Spending More Time on Their Yacht

Owning a yacht as a career person is a double-edged sword. You have this beautiful, luxurious home away from home just waiting for you, but the very career that allowed you to afford such an incredible vacation home often keeps you away from it. To get the most out of your new yacht and to keep it in good condition (even when grounded and in storage it is subjected to wear and tear) you will need to use this guide so that you can spend more time sailing and enjoying your luxurious escape to its fullest.

Speed Up the Travel

If you want to travel more frequently to your yacht, then you need to make the flight over to it as fast and as stress-free as possible. Forget organizing taxis. Drive your own vehicle and use to book yourself a convenient long-stay parking spot instead. Use any perks you have through your credit company or membership to speed through certain areas of the airport, and optimize your go-bag so you can slip through security as fast as possible. By making the flight over a simple process, you can cut down the stress of visiting your yacht and instead enjoy more relaxing weekends away.

Work Out Remote Possibilities

These days there is no excuse for not allowing employees work remotely if and when possible. Especially in the current climate. By changing your schedule to allow for more periods where you can work from home, you can actually increase your time on the yacht. The only accessory you will need is a satellite internet connection to keep you on the go no matter whether you are at port or at sea. With that connection, you can continue to work in a paradise location.

Book Trips to Fly Out to Your Yacht

If you want to spend more time out on your yacht, then you need to just book it. If you don’t book specific times then life will continue to get in the way of your trips, whereas if there is already a flight booked on your behalf, then you can prioritize your trip and make everything else work around it. It’s a matter of focus and determination. By booking trips, you can easily make them a reality.

Mix Business With Pleasure

If a big part of your job is wooing clients and client management, then bring them to your yacht, or at least to a luxurious port that you can stay at. By doing this, you can forget the hotels, and can instead enjoy your yacht as a home away from home, while working on client acquisition throughout the day. Big clients want more than just an office meeting. By planning a trip that allows you to discuss business while also enjoying your surroundings, you can woo your guests and build a stronger bond with your future clients or business partners.

If you have the will, there are many ways for you to get out to your new luxurious yacht. Amp up your remote working possibilities, be prepared to potentially hire a captain to take your yacht to destinations to meet clients, and just go for it. You love your yacht, so you should make time to visit it and enjoy your life on the sea.  

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