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Only 2.5 percent of the global water resources are accessible as freshwater, and that only fraction of it is available as flowing surface water. The reason is the majority of freshwater gets stored in groundwater aquifers or locked in glaciers which are not easily accessible to people. The danger is surface water has reached an extent where it has become impossible to use it for consumption because human activities have polluted the water at an extreme level. Now, the dependency remains only on groundwater which is the only way left to extract groundwater.

The supply water which comes to your home is treated initially to reduce the contaminants, like, microbes, lead, mercury, and toxins which are harmful to the human body. In any case, these contaminants can now and then enter the water through mishaps or the ill-advised transfer of specific materials. To ensure you’re well-shielded from these, water-cleansing through filtration is an unquestionable requirement. The purging procedure helps eliminate contaminants that may have entered your drinking water.

Need To Purify Water

Now the question of why is water such significant concern to us? The reason for this remains biological, and that is, the water in our bodies is ceaselessly being utilized or lost, it should be supplanted continuously, and the best liquid to supplant it with is water. Water is engaged with each substantial capacity from processing and flow through to the control of body temperature and the discharge of waste items. Some are utilized or consumed by the functions it performs, and some are lost through perspiration, pee, and defecation. Now when water plays such an essential role in maintaining the metabolism of our body, we shouldn’t compromise for anything which is impure or can negatively impact the functioning of our organization.

In the present scenario, we can say that the technology or method used for water purification has come a long way. Due to the increase in water contamination, enough research work has been done in the field. Therefore, we now have technology which efficiently solves the water contamination problem and extract safe and healthy easily accessible to us.

The procedure of water purification mainly constitutes chemical and microbiological analysis, which is expensive, like the use of ro water purifier. But that’s the price humans have to pay for the fulfillment of their requirement of pure water.

The most common method being used these days is an electro-assisted method. These implicate membrane-based styles which comprise reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration, biological treatment, treatment of water using various chemicals such as ozone or chlorine, and treatment with UV radiation. All the big brands which are into manufacturing water purifiers are using these very methods in the water purification machines.

Prominent Water Purifier Companies In India

Since humanity is left with no other option but to purify water through the technological method, the water purifier industry has also grown over the years. Some have marked their presence by manufacturing machines that are safe and trusted by people across the country.

Here is a list of few companies which are well established and trusted brands among the water purifier manufacturers of India:

Kent RO water purifier – It comes with the feature of the Double purification process of RO+UV+UF with the TDS controller. The best part is its NSF and WQA Certified. The purifiers come with auto-on and auto-off features. The storage is also of 8 Liter capacity enough to fulfill one’s need and the high purification production rate of Kent RO purifiers are generally 15 ltr/hr.

Aquaguard water purifier – It also comes with a LED display and remains to be one of the pioneer brands in the sector. It has an auto mineral modulator and water level sensor installed in it. Its G-tech technology that automatically selects the required purification process, and this water purifier can be found in most households across India.

PureIt Water purifier – It comes with the RO+UV water purification process and has around 10 Litre storage capacity. The purifier has a purity LED indicator which assures water safety. The digital advance alert System keeps you aware of the indications. It is made of ABS plastic body, and purification production rate stands to be 12 ltr/hr.

Livpure Smart touch water purifier – It has a water storage tank of 8.5 liters and comes with a filter change indication system that assures the need to change as soon as the filtration process stops working. It comes with the facility of Wall-mounted installation and remains to be one of the most advanced waters dispensing technologies.

These are few of the brands which are readily available in India, and one can get them installed in household or office to get healthy drinking water. Irrespective of that if you are someone who is not looking for installing a water purification machine due to cost involved or any of your own reasons you can contact water suppliers by looking for water supplier near me on Google and can get purified water supplied to your place which has turned out to be universal phenomena being practiced by people these days.

Whatever the procedure you follow, the decision remains yours, but the mandatory requirements to a healthy life are one should only consume safe drinking water and should not risk or compromise it in any case.

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