The Best Natural Mosquito Repellents For Peaceful Sleep

We all know just how pesky and annoying mosquitoes can be; it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s rest while mosquitoes buzz around, bite, and leave you itching.

Fortunately, if you are wondering how to get rid of mosquitos, there are tons of natural, effective methods to repel these annoying pests from your home.

Eucalyptus Oil

Mosquitoes don’t like particular scents, and eucalyptus is one of them. You can buy eucalyptus-scented candles or an oil diffuser and repel these pests from your home in a matter of moments. However, if you are using candles, it’s essential to put them out before heading to bed for the evening to prevent a fire hazard. That said, you must burn candles for long enough to let the scent travel through your home.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is another scent that mosquitoes are simply not fond of. So, if eucalyptus is not an appealing scent for you, you can consider lavender.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can repel various pests, from mosquitoes to flies and a variety of annoying bugs. The best approach is to use an oil diffuser with a few drops of tea tree oil in the evening.


Citronella is possibly one of the most effective mosquito repellent scents out there, as most store-bought repellents contain this active ingredient. Although you can easily find citronella candles and air sprays, citronella oil is also best used in an oil diffuser.

Keep the Fan On

If the concept of filling your home with scents that repel mosquitoes does not appeal to you, then you can consider leaving a fan on in your bedroom. Mosquitoes cannot fly in windy conditions, so a fan will keep them away from you while you sleep. However, this solution won’t help you get rid of the issue but rather only manage the situation for improved sleep quality.

Spray Hiding Spots

To get rid of mosquitoes, you’ll need to chase them out of their many hiding places in your home. More often than not, they will hide in cupboards and other dark spots like under the dresser.

Spraying repellent scents in these areas will chase the mosquitoes away for good, although you will need to spray these locations daily for a few weeks to remove the pesky pests from your home altogether.

Use Camphor Cream

Unless you have extremely sensitive skin, it’s worthwhile to switch your regular moisturizer for camphor cream. This lotion contains scents that repel mosquitoes. So, simply changing your moisturizing lotion will keep mosquitoes from biting you for the duration of the night.

Alternatively, you can also mix citronella oils or lavender oils into your moisturizer and use these scents in the same way.

While mosquitoes are possibly the most annoying pests out there, there are several other household pests that you don’t want in your living environment. Some of these include roaches, rats, mice, and ants. And when it comes to the vital task of getting rid of these pests, pest control services are a top option.


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