The Best Home Renovation and Design Apps in 2021

Making a house a home is what every family strives to achieve. It’s certainly tougher when you have a big family home as there is obviously a lot more people to please, but overall it can be achieved over time. One modern way in which people help generate a few ideas to make a house their very own is by downloading an array of renovation and design apps.

The options in this space are certainly comprehensive, especially as smartphone apps continue to become a prominent part of our everyday lives. Alongside using our smartphone devices to conduct banking enquiries, reply to social media comments, and play games like Mermaids Millions online for real money, people all around the world are utilising the powerful smartphone devices of today to generate some design ideas for their home. Some apps might assist you with planning an extension, while others offer useful decorating tips.

If you’re in need of some inspiration ahead of your next renovation and design project, then these apps might be a solution for you too.


 Sometimes the commercial furniture shops we see online and on our high streets don’t offer up the most unique of options, especially if you’re keen to create a specific feel in your house. In order to unearth a vintage classic or a piece of furniture with real character, then apps like Charish come in handy. Used by designers and vintage lovers, the app boasts furniture to buy and sell from all over the world. You can find a bargain or spend a bit extra on a truly unique piece.


Keen to get a second opinion from someone in the know? If so, then Havenly grants users immediate access to an interior designer. All you do is pick a preferred designer or answer questions to be matched with one, then from there, and you can personalise your design using professional help. Once you’ve nailed down your final design you’ll receive a visualisation of your finished space.


A trusted name in the fabric and wallpaper design game, Schumacher has a huge community of users behind it as it continues to offer inspiration for a variety of home projects. Used by designers with trade accounts, the app comes with a massive selection of fabric and wallpaper designs. From there, users can place orders once they’ve found their desired format.

Planner 5D

One of the most extensive room design apps, Planner 5D is excellent. You can have your input on the size of windows, the look of the stairs, partitions, and a whole lot more. Thanks to the app’s excellent 3D graphics, it’s a joy to create your dream room with the touch of a few buttons. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can explore unique designs by fellow users, too.

Ikea Home Planner Tools

Sometimes imagining how a bookshelf or a sofa might look in a particular space can be hard to visualise. Thankfully, with the Ikea Home Planner Tools it’s a lot easier. The app does the job for you thanks to its clever room designing software. Users can add decor and furniture from Ikea’s catalogue, calculate the cost too, and plenty more.


Color Capture

 If you see a colour you love, be it out and about in a restaurant or in your favourite independent shop, simply take a picture of it, and Color Capture will give you suggested paint options to match it. With more than 3,300 colours available and an established community of users, Color Capture is an excellent source when it comes to finding the best colours for your home.


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