The Benefits of School Trips

School trips provide a massive range of benefits to students and not all of them are academic. In addition to learning something new, or bringing the classroom lessons to life, school trips can also help a child with their social and personal development as well. An independent school in Hertfordshire share their opinion on school trips below.

Firstly, school trips make a nice change for children who are normally trapped in a classroom. They get to see for themselves, first hand, all the things they have been learning about at school so that they can gain a better understanding of it. What’s more, if the particular topic is likely to come up in any exams, a school trip might help students remember the information for the test because they can draw on practical memories rather than words in a book. Essentially, when something seems more real to a child they will feel more inspired to learn and will be more likely to retain the information.

By sharing new experiences as a group, students will likely have improved relationships with one another and with their teachers. This bonding experience and other developed social skills help students once back in the classroom, as they are better equipped and more confident when working together and coming out of their shell. For instance, they might be more comfortable in group work or with putting their hand up and asking the teacher a question.

School trips are not only great fun; they allow students to truly immerse themselves into practical learning. Every child deserves the opportunity to explore different lessons beyond the classroom; an opportunity to appeal to visual and kinaesthetic learners. In fact, research has proven that school trips are hugely beneficial to students, particularly if they are taken abroad.



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