Tesco To Exclusively Launch Ecovers First Ocean Plastic Bottle.


In an exclusive partnership with Tesco, ecological cleaning pioneer Ecover has launched the Ocean Bottle – the first ever bottle made from waste plastic, fished from the ocean. the Limited Edition Ecover Washing-up Liquid Ocean Bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic, with 10% of that plastic coming from the sea.

Streamlined and eye-catching, the ocean plastic bottle is a statement in itself. But it’s not just the bottle that’s worth a look. The washing-up liquid has been created with a special sea lavender and eucalyptus fragrance – bringing the scent of the sea to homes across Great Britain.

Tesco and Ecover are on a mission – to try and stem the tide of any further plastic from making its way into the world’s oceans and to encourage a systematic clean-up of the 46,000 pieces of plastic that are on average swirling around every single square mile of the ocean. Not only does it pollute the environment, but this waste endangers the fish and sea mammals that can ingest or become tangled in sea plastic.

The unique scale for good opportunity that Tesco can provide will help to raise awareness of the major issue of ocean plastic mess. To try and reverse the trend, Ecover has joined forces with experts from Waste Free Oceans, as well as the European community of fishermen in a joint bid to reduce the huge quantity of plastic that makes its way into our oceans every year.

Kitted out with clever new technology, European fishing boats fish out between one and eight tonnes of plastic waste per catch and more still is collected from other fishing for litter initiatives. And, with help from recycling partner, Closed Loop, Ecover hasd managed to put this waste to good use, transforming it into 10,000 limited edition Ocean Bottles.

Exclusive to tesco, this limited edition bottle hits the shelves on 21st May for one week only. Add the Ecover Ocean Bottle to your shopping list today and help create a healthier, happier future for our oceans.

I have been sent one of these amazing, and very cool looking bottles, look out for my review after washing tonight’s dishes!

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  1. Interesting to say as well that the bottle design used Biomimicry as a base.
    This must be one of the most interesting projects today, combining the waste material with Biomimicry that enabled ECOVER to Light weight the container and improve performance.


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