#TeamSkylanders Introducing Snipper

All of our children are Skylander crazy, they all have different ones on their Christmas List, although they have let Lochlan put the game on his list!
My favourite of course is Hex….

This is the first of the family skylanders, by Kaide aged 7.

This Skylander is called Snipper, he is a Water Skylander.
Attack 1 : Power Pinch from his huge claws.
Attack 2: He chucks his shells up in the air and then pinches the enemy and he hits the enemies in the head with the shells.
Upgrade Attack: Posion Pinch which is Deadly.
Description: Snipper was caught in a net to be eaten at the restaurant, but he escaped and was trained in the ocean by Master Eon to become one of the Skylanders.
Strength: 70
Defence: 95
Speed: 40
Luck: 20
This is Kaide’s entry into Create Your Own Skylander, I have to admit that I know very little about Skylanders, although talking to Kaide I have learnt quite a lot tonight!!
All of these are Kaide’s own words, hence the “chucking the shells”, he was adamant that is what he wanted to say, although I will feel very guilty the next time I eat Crab!! I was a little shocked at his drawing, I thought for a 7 year old, it is fantastic (I am biased of course) he obviously doesn’t take after his mother, (I am the one who gets asked to draw something at Nursery, and then the children ask me what it is) thank goodness some relations have artistic flair!
Look out for Neva and Lochlans entries, who knows what they will produce


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