#TeamSkylanders Introducing Ice Breaker

The second Skylander created in the Morrison household is from Neva aged 9.


This Skylander is called Ice Breaker, she is a Water Skylander.
Attack 1 : She charges at her enemies, with her tough head, flips them in the air and pounds them with her sharp claws on their way down.
Attack 2: Shoots Icicles from her wings
Upgrade Attack: The Icicles turn into baby Polar Bears and attack the enemy.
Description: Ice Breaker was meant to be part of a scientific experiment. During this time huge icicles fell into the laboratory and mixed with the chemicals.She was very clever, so she looked around for survivors, but couldn’t find any, then she slipped on the chemicals and ice, from her back, wings grew. As time went on she was able to fly, she went in search of people, she was found by Master Eon to become one of the Skylanders.
Strength: 90
Defence: 85
Speed: 50
Luck: 30
This is what Neva has created, before she even began I knew that she would create an animal based Skylander as she is animal mad.
She has a real love for any animal that is linked with cold, ice and snow, her name means Snow, I wonder if that has anything to do with it!!
Neva hard at work drawing Ice Breaker

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