#TeamHonkRelay Hits The East Coast!

January 27, 2014Mandi Morrison
Today we took a trip out to Southwold to meet up with the Chelmsford/Colchester team to collect the Team Honk Baton.

We put ribbons and bows and lots of posters on our minibus, then gently persuaded Tyrus to put on his Dash costume, Baby Jack Jack (Viggo) was a little more accomodating!

It was a very blustery damp day, but I think we cheered up quite a few people as we drove the 45 minutes to Southwold!

Mary, Kelly and Michelle passing the baton to Asa, Viggo, Tyrus and Mandi
Team Honk Great Yarmouth Part one takes the baton
Ready for the trip to Lowestoft

After Mandi and Tyrus have a run on the beach
Tyrus has become extremely attached to the baton!

Tyrus had a lovely little run on the beach and we finished off with a hot chocolate!
We drove home and both Tyrus and Viggo fell asleep, we then went to collect the children from school, the younger ones thought Mrs Incredible picking them up was very cool, i’m not so sure the older ones thought the same!!
Asa was organised and had a change of clothes, I wasn’t so organised and had a school governors meeting at 4pm which didn’t give me enough time to go home and change!!
Team Honk Great Yarmouth continues tomorrow…..

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