Teaching Your Kids to Respect Other Cultures

Learning about different cultures is a great way to teach your kids how to respect and celebrate diversity. It will also give your children a deeper understanding of the traditions and customs of their classmates and may inspire them to engage with other cultures around the world.

Here are some great tips from Mill Hill School on how you can help to teach your kids to respect other cultures…

• A really fun way to teach your kids about other cultures and traditions is to explore various holidays and celebrations around the world. These may include Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah or The Day of the Dead. Add these events to your family calendar and take each one as an opportunity to teach your child about the celebrations that take place. Discuss the people, the music, the food and any interesting art or symbolism that is used on the day.

• Expand your child’s cultural awareness through food. A great way to introduce your child to different foods from around the world by cooking together. In addition, your child will learn about ingredients, utensils and dining etiquette from different countries.

• Reading books with your child is an ideal way to learn about different cultures and traditions. Books can help to transport us to anywhere in the world and experience new lifestyles. Let your child choose a selection of books from across the globe and encourage them to read regularly.

• In order to raise a culturally sensitive and understanding child, it is important to be a positive role model. Parents must lead by example and always embrace diversity. If you are not open-minded about other people, you can’t expect your child to be. When your child asks questions, use them as an opportunity to help your child understand and respect cultural and ethnic differences.

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