Take That and Oasis Lullaby CD Review

If your baby is struggling to settle to sleep, why not try a Lullaby CD with Oasis or Take That, or maybe the Rolling Stones!
As we all know, young children and babies love simple, uncomplicated melodies to lull them to sleep – especially on long car journeys. But after the umpteenth playing of that classic nursery rhymes CD, parents can be left feeling a little exasperated.
Babies Go CDs cleverly re-create the classic tracks we’ve all grown to know and love, from artists ranging from Abba to The Rolling Stones to Take That, as lullaby-style recordings. Not only do the simple melodies appeal to children, adults will find tasteful re-creations of tracks they know in a familiar yet wonderfully enjoyable way.
Each Babies Go title contains 13 or 14 full length hit tracks from the respective artist, following the exact arrangement of the original tracks but re-creating them entirely using only musical instruments that have a calming and appealing feel to babies and toddlers. 

We were very kindly sent Take That and Oasis to review, and I can honestly say they are amazing, I confess to being a Take That fan and was most upset to realise that their concerts were taking place during the time of Tyrus’s birth, so was unable to attend, however listening to the lullaby CD more than makes up for it, it is amazing how soothing pop music can be, and I will never tire of listening to it.
The Oasis CD is also fantastic, and makes me feel very relaxed, which is rather strange because relaxed and Oasis are not usually two words that would be associated with each other! I absolutely love the CD covers of the little Take That and Oasis babies, so cool.
When I first played the lullaby CD Tyrus immediately settled, and felt much more relaxed, with a definite favourite of Could It Be Magic for Take That and Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis, the other five children thought the CDs were great and promptly began singing along, it was at this point I knew that I obviously have the say on the music choices on our car journeys!
At a cost of 12.95 with free postage and packing, these will definitely be on my list to buy for friends after they have given birth.
For more information, visit http://www.babies-go.co.uk/
Why not pop your baby in the carrier and have a gentle sway to the music!
looking for a great way to get your little bundle to sleep, try a lullaby CD of your favourite band, sends baby off to sleep and you get to listen to some cool tunes


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