Take A Breath Of Fresh Air And Eliminate The Chemicals From Your Home

The popularity of homemade, chemical-free, and organic products are on the rise, and with good reason. People are catching on to the damage, that some of the dangerous chemicals, can cause to the health and wellbeing of themselves and their family. Therefore, more people are choosing to create their own solutions at home and are being mindful when they choose a brand to invest in. The following are some areas of your weekly shopping list that you mind want to consider editing if you want to breathe in toxic-free air in your household.

Cleaning Products

The copious amounts of “hazardous” warnings on the back of a large majority of cleaning products will tell you how harmful they can be. Breathing in the fumes from a furniture polish aerosol can or from a bleach-based toilet cleaner can have damaging effects on your lungs and throat, and will often leave you with a headache or nausea. However, there are some alternatives to the common chemical-heavy brands, as the demand for them is growing.

Nobody wants their kids, pets, and family members walking straight into an atmosphere laced with harmful chemicals, so you might want to try a new approach next time you put on your marigolds. If you’d rather roll your sleeves up and create some homemade products, all you need to begin with is your kitchen sink and a couple of empty spray bottles that you’ve used up and washed (or you can buy them cheaply in an array of supermarkets). Ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, lemons, and warm water are usually the basis for a handmade cleaning solution; you might want to add drops of essential oils for a fresh scent as well. The Green Parent has some simple recipes and directions to follow if you’re looking for chemical and toxin-free cleaning alternatives and have your rubber gloves at the ready.

If you’re not keen on the idea of making your own products or simply don’t have the time; there are an array of harm-free products on the market for you. A number of eco-conscious companies are producing cleaning items that are kind to the environment, and the health of your family; you can check out The 10 Best Eco Cleaners and where to buy them here, according to The Independent.

Cosmetics And Toiletries

Now that your home is spic and span; you’ll want to bathe the kids and get them ready for bed (so they can’t get any dirty mitts on anything at least for a night), and probably head for a shower yourself. However, the chemical risk doesn’t end after you’ve disinfected your bathroom; your toiletries and cosmetics could be doing just as much harm to you and your family’s bodies. Those shower gels and moisturisers that are claiming to cleanse and protect your body, skin, and hair, can actually contain harmful ingredients that will do the opposite.

Products that contain chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and petroleum, can lead to a variety of problems. The toiletries can start stripping skin of moisture, leaving your body dry, cracked and irritated, and some have even been thought to weaken your immune system (scary stuff, especially with little ones). However, there are plenty of alternatives, full of ethically sourced and organic ingredients, that will help to take care of your health and appearance. There is information and advice online for those who are looking for the best sulfate free shampoos and conditioners or paraben free cosmetics. You can also find a comprehensive list of chemicals and products to avoid here: http://www.healthychoices.co.uk/toxins.html and ensure that you can make a more informed shopping list this week.

It’s not just soaps, shampoos and shower gels that you need to be careful of either; your makeup bag could contain some toxic products that will cause harm to your appearance, rather than enhancing it. Whether it’s powder, foundations, or blushers, that you simply can’t live without; make smart choices and choose face friendly cosmetics that will be kind to your skin. Much like your cleaning products; you can always be brave and try and make some of your own, who knows, you could create the lipbalm of dreams and will never look back. Why not check out a Natural Skin Care Course and become the next Liz Earle!

Pest Control And Plant Care

Even though you might want to blitz whatever little critter is chomping on your kitchen herb garden, or making you itch when you get into bed (*starts scratching); the chemicals found in the products geared towards this task can be just as harmful to your health as the ones previously mentioned. If it’s a creepy crawly infestation (shudder) that you’re concerned about; before you start wielding your aerosol can around, try creating an alternative that will be gentler on your home’s environment. It sounds a little bonkers, but freezing your sheets has been known to be extremely effective in ridding your bed of bugs, just make sure you wrap up the duvet cover before you tuck it in next to the fish fingers. Hot steam and vacuuming are also ways to eliminate an array of pests and insect infestations from the house, so always try a chemical-free alternative first (then polish your halo for looking after the environment too). Essential oils like tea tree and lavender are often used as a natural pesticide, so they could be worth investing in.

When it comes to your plants, especially those you want to eat like your herbs and cherry tomatoes; you don’t want to be dousing them in chemicals every time a greenfly fancies a little nibble (take it as a compliment instead). You can get rid of the pests with all sorts of ingredients that are sat in your kitchen cupboards, waiting to get into your empty spray bottle and help in the fight against bugs.

By switching the products, you normally buy and creating some of your own alternatives; you’ll ensure that your family lives in a clean, fresh environment that’s free of chemicals and toxins that can harm their health, surely it’s worth thinking about.

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