Surviving LONG Car Journeys with Aldi

If you are anything like us, our UK holidays are usually governed by travelling distance, each year we have a discussion about how far the children will tolerate in the car (and probably the adults too!)

Over the years our travelling distance has increased and with more gadgets and the children getting older, it has become much easier.

The wonderful Aldi has some great products to help you on your UK journeys this summer, with their staycation range, on sale in stores and online from today, but like any Aldi special buys, be quick or you will miss them!

Capture the journey with a dashboard camera, carpool karaoke, here we come! Priced at just £39.99 a complete bargain.

Or maybe a portable DVD player (my must-have product on long journeys – for the children obviously!) The fab price of £44.99.

My favourite of them all is a VR headset for less than £15, the children can take a rollercoaster ride, or explore an alternate universe, I bet mum and dad will be sneaking a go too!

For all those lucky people heading off abroad shortly, what about a European Travel Kit for £18.99, or a bluetooth car speaker for less than £10.

There are plenty more Car Essentials, so, what are you waiting for, head down to your local Aldi NOW, if you don’t live near one, or you are too lazy to go to a store, check it all out online.


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