#SummerofBratz Jade climbed a Mountain!

Eowyn was very excited when Bratz returned last year, as she had been introduced to them by her two older sisters, and between the three of them they have built up quite a collection.

This Summer Eowyn was sent Jade to share her summer with.


So, during our school holidays (which went far too quickly this year) Jade has had great fun, here she is contemplating climbing Scafell, but one look at the clouds and she thought she had better pass, in fact two minutes after this photo shoot, the biggest rainfall of the week happened, luckily Jade was snuggled up with Eowyn in the car eating a chocolate bar, so they were fine, as you can see Eowyn and Jade have become best buddies!



Jade did get to climb a little mountain, Eowyn very carefully carried her in her backpack to the top of Gummers How, here they both are at the top!

Gummers How

As you can see Jade got a little wind swept and certainly could do with some pampering when she gets home from her holidays.

But it wasn’t just Jade on her holidays, Cloe had a great summer with Boo Roo and Tigger too!

We are just sad that the Summer Holidays are over, but only a month until October half term, check back to see what other adventures Eowyn and Jade get up to.


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  1. My eldest daughter loves Bratz and secretly I do too. I went to an event last year where I got my hair braided, made my own lipstick and got inside a Bratz box! Lol. #TotallyToys


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