Summer is Here but Brings It’s Problems

Summer is here. Yay. You would have to go far to find someone who doesn’t like summer. The weather is excellent, everyone is in a good mood, and it’s socially acceptable to wear budgie smugglers in public. But for all the great fun to be had during the hot season, summer is fraught with danger and problems that can plague any family if you aren’t careful.

While there’s the obvious risk of dehydration while hiking, playing at the beach or even sitting in the garden, danger seemingly lurks everywhere. And then there’s the omnipresent danger of Covid-19 lurking in the background. So whatever you decide to do with your family this year, make sure you stay safe and well with some simple advice.

Water, Water, Water

Water is your friend during the summer. Water will provide you with enough hydration to prevent serious health issues. Additionally, it will also cool you down with drinks, cold showers and pools. However, the increased demand on a town, city or region’s water supply can cause numerous issues that affect everyone. Common problems include burst water pipes and drain issues.

The perfect storm of higher temperature, increased demand, and clogged drains act together to cause burst pipes. While you can’t control what your neighbours do, you can help prevent burst pipes by limiting your usage to only what you need. You should also consider hiring plumbing services to inspect your household pipe system as maintenance can prevent problems before they arise.

Try Not to Burn

The dangers associated with too much sun are pretty real and should not be taken lightly. Sunburn is the apparent effect of too much sun, but other risks include dehydration, heat stroke and skin cancer. Heatstroke is a severe condition caused by a rising body temperature. Since 2000, the UK has had 84 deaths from heatstroke. So stay in the shade and drink cold, non-alcoholic fluids. 

While you might think sunburn only occurs in strong, sunny weather, you are mistaken. The effects of the sun on your skin are determined by the projected Ultra Violet strength. UV is the radiation emitted from the sun. Therefore, in overcast weather, you can be subjected to sunburn and not even know it. Check your local UV index and cover-up or apply lotion when necessary.

King Ralph

Like most people, you probably only get the BBQ out in the summer. But cooking with a BBQ is very different from using your indoor oven. A common mistake when using the BBQ is thinking something is cooked because it looks finished on the outside. This happens because the high temperature of a BBQ can cook the outside quicker than the inside.

When using a BBQ, never use frozen food and always use fresh. To defrost food properly, place it in the fridge for at least 24 hours before you need it. You can also score or pierce thick cuts of meat to allow heat to penetrate all the way through. Another trick is to cook food in the oven and finish it on the BBQ for the chargrilled flavour.


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