Summer Holidays Are Finally Here !

Hooray, no more early mornings for the school run…No I was woken up at 6am by Tyrus and Lochie, one hour before my school alarm usually goes off…
Oh well, can’t expect them all to stay in bed till the same time, although 8am would have been lovely!
I cannot believe that my little man Kaide has already been in school a year, where does the time go, even more scary that both Xene and Lochie will be in High School in September.
This week has been rather hectic, every child seemed to have different activities on different days with some in uniform, others not, thank goodness for a Family Calendar, although if there is anyone out there that knows of a Calendar/Family Planner that has space for eight people, give me a yell..
We have had Climbing Walls, Archery, Sports Challenges, Family Fun Night, two discos, various non uniform days, Summer Concert and Six week baby check, all in the same week…
On Friday morning I took Xene and Lochie to try on their new school uniform, and had to take out a new mortgage to pay for it! However they both looked very smart in their new Blazers and the PE kit is so much funkier than ours ever was…
Tyrus is now weighing in at 11lb 14ozs, moving steadily along the 75th centile and he is starting to smile, but only for me xxx
After much debate for a summer holiday, we have finally decided on a lovely farmhouse in Wales, although the two boys were keen on a caravan, I find it much easier to manage them all in a big house, and there are not numerous arcades on site, tempting them in and costing us a small fortune, although not looking forward to the journey with six of them, apparently children begin asking “Are We There Yet ?” 30 miles into a journey, so its going to be asked many times.
I think I can hear more children approaching, so the fun begins………..

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