Spring Cleaning: How to Pamper Your Skin

Spring cleaning is something that comes to mind when we think of our apartments, garages and outdoor areas. Spring is the perfect time to give our windows a deep clean, declutter anything we’ve accumulated throughout the colder months, and let our houses breathe. But it shouldn’t be the only thing we can think of. As the days get longer and warmer, it’s also the time to give a deep clean to your skin. Spring cleaning is much necessary for the body that has gone through layers of clothes and spent days in boots! Your skin is likely to be suffering from winter blues even when you feel like spring is all you ever needed. It can be dry, rough, dull – no wonder, because it’s just gone through months of little fresh air, a lot of heat and low humidity. So what do you do then? We’ve got the best tips on preparing your skin for the best results lasting all summer! After all, you do need your best skin when you decide to show off at Bondi or Manly!

Get Rid of the Heavy Coat

We mean it both literally and figuratively. A lot of clothes has prevented your body from breathing properly, but when we say the heavy coat here, we mean something else: dead skin cells. This might sound gross, but it’s true that hundreds of skin cells are dying all over the place – that is, our skin – daily, and they’re here to stay before you remove them. This build-up is responsible for a skin that looks dull, so no matter how well you cleanse it and moisturize it, it will only have a limited effect without exfoliating.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should rub your skin with the harshest thing you find around, because you can create micro-tears, and that can lead to all sorts of other problems. Find a gentle exfoliant and use it twice a week. The feeling of smooth skin can be addictive, but remember doing it more often than that will strip your skin of its natural oils it uses for natural protection. When it comes to body, find or make a good coffee or salt scrub – it should contain fat such as coconut oil and will then work together with an exfoliant to care for your skin and make it silky and beautiful.

Find the Best Cleanser

People often tend to stick to cleansers for the feeling they get instead of what these products do. Soaps, for example, can dry out the skin, but people with naturally oily skin love that feeling of squeaky clean skin. If that’s you, please reconsider. It’s best to find a product that cleans, but also takes care of the pH level of your skin and contributes to skin hydration. Equally important, do not use products with alcohol, as it also dries out skin and its adverse effects can only be seen after a while. Your cleanser should be pH level balanced and designed for your type of skin – this is the road to best results.

Make Your Face Younger

If you’ve ever wanted to do a more drastic intervention on your face, spring is the perfect time for that, as you will be taking a lot of care of your skin anyway. Professionals from Panthea clinic in Sydney will be happy to set your mind at ease when it comes to different treatment and surgeries, such as face-lifting. This surgery can make you look younger a decade or even more, so if you’d like a more youthful appearance for yourself and believe this is what you should do to achieve the look you’re longing for, talk to the surgeons from this clinic or any other close to you and come up with a solution with them.

Always Use SPF

Everyone and their grandmother know how harsh the Australian sun can be, so you should never forget applying a product with SPF 30 or higher. Many good moisturizers come with an SPF, or you can use a separate sun protection cream. This is super important because your silky, smooth skin won’t stay that way if you let UV rays damage it or cause premature aging. Of course, there are even more severe consequences, such as skin cancer, so please always use sun protection for both your skin and overall health.

Get Those Silky Limbs

One of the things everyone does by default in spring is hair removal. No wonder, because soon enough you’ll be showing off those arms and legs! Remember, your skin has been covered for a while now, so it’s best you prep it well. Exfoliate your skin and then do the removal, be it wax at a beauty parlour or using an epilator or shaving at home. Don’t forget to moisturize well afterward!

Say Goodbye to Orange Peel Skin

Spring is also a great time to start fighting against cellulite if you’d like and feel it’s bothering you. One of the first steps in this combat is eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and it indeed is easier in the spring. You should also drink plenty of water. If you want to feel like you’re targeting the bad tissue under your skin, try body brushing. This will trigger microcirculation, that helps in lymphatic drainage. But don’t forget that physical activity, mostly weight lifting, will affect your overall fitness and help combat cellulite.

Choose the Right Moisturizer

If you’ve ever been unsure of what people are talking about when they mention summer skincare and winter skincare, keep on reading. The skin has different needs throughout different periods of the year. Since winter brings dry air, you should respond to it by applying heavy face cream. But spring comes with a rise in humidity and warm breezes, and heavy cream may indeed feel heavy on the skin in such weather. So switch things up and choose a lightweight moisturizer that’s in the form of a gel or a light cream. You’ll also get great results if you reapply it throughout the day at least once.

Spring cleaning, as we’ve seen, is not reserved for your home: apply these pieces of advice and you’ll soon enjoy your skin being bright and glowing. Welcome spring by smiling at it with a fresh face!

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