Spoil your #MumoftheYear

Not Long Till Mothers Day and Mandi’s Day!

This year I shall be sharing my birthday with Mother’s all over the world!!

This is the second time since becoming a mum that it has fallen on my birthday, so my children have declared that I WILL get extra presents to compensate!!

Its always difficult knowing what to get someone special, but I know that my mum LOVES flowers (she is always dropping hints that my dad very rarely buys her flowers) so this amazing bouquet from the Tesco Finest Range is just perfect for her (and me too, if you children are reading)

The great thing about this bouquet is that it can be purchased in store, which means you can actually see what you are purchasing, and pick the bunch that appeals to your mum’s taste.
It also means that if you leave it until the last minute, you can stop off at your local Tesco store and pick the perfect bunch.

This bouquet is awarded to my Mum – Maggie Lee

In 2003 just six weeks after Neva was born she underwent a quadruple bypass and we very nearly lost her, which was a VERY scary time. Thankfully she pulled through and made a full recovery, in the last 11 years she has seen my family grow from three children to seven and my sister Karen added another granddaughter to the mix, so this is for you Mum/Nanny, for all those babysitting duties !
With all of our love xxxxxxxxxx

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