Spelbound Explore Splash Waterworld in Skegness TODAY 2pm

Join Spelbound as they take an exclusive look around Butlins’ newest waterpark

Holidays give both children and their parents a chance to relax from the grind of everyday life, and research shows for kids, the best holiday is one in which they can simply spend time with their family and where everyone is happy and relaxed.
As we fondly remember summer days gone, by the sea or local swimming pool with our own parents, those special days are exactly the ones our own children will reflect on in the future, they are some of the best memory builders

But while our children’s lives may appear vastly different to our own childhood, the joy of jumping into a swimming pool will always be the same…

Butlins recognise this and has played a massive part in the history of our nation. While the resorts have come a long way since their beginnings in the 1930s and this summer the quintessentially British holiday company will open its newest waterpark.
Log on to our live interactive WebTV show where Spelbound will take you around the opening of the Butlins Splash Waterworld in Skegness and have a sneak preview of the nation’s newest and most exciting waterpark.

We spent a HUGE amount of our Butlins break in the various pools, all six children absolutely adored it, there was so much choice and activities to do, from the Lazy River to the Water Slides, the wave machine to the Rapids, there really is something for everyone to do.

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