Sony Children’s TV Remote Control

Imagine the scene, I have taken Tyrus upstairs with me to put away the clean washing, Eowyn is happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, three minutes after going upstairs I get shouted because she has pressed a button and put the TV on the shopping channel, I run back downstairs and put her channel back on, run back upstairs to continue putting away the clothes, two minutes later “Mum” – you get the picture, well I now have a solution…
The Sony Children’s TV remote features new parental control features, simply assign up to 7 parent approved channels to the kids remote for worry-free channel surfing. Universal remote works with any TV, with hidden buttons to programme channel choices. Easy-to-grasp, child-friendly size with bright coloured body and fun shaped buttons for little hands. Splash proof. Expanded IR signal range up to 11m and volume limiter.
This gadget is the answer to my prayers! It was very easy to program, and Eowyn aged two and a half can use it easily. It has a panel that you unscrew which has buttons underneath that you use to set up the channels and link it to your TV freeview or Sky+, I was unsure that it would work with our television because it is quite old, but the instructions have a whole list of television makes and models with the corresponding codes, you th then screw the panel back on and the children are unable to change the settings, pure brilliance.

I found this TV remote so handy, especially as Eowyn has now learnt to use the Sky+ controller, meaning she is able to change the channel over very easily, but isn’t then able to change it back. With this controller I programmed in 7 of her favourite channels – Disney, Disney Jnr, Nick Jr, Nick Jr 2, Cbeebies, Tiny Pop and Boomerang, and she was able to happily press each of the corresponding pictures to turn over the channel.
It proved invaluable and I would definitely recommend this to any family with a child old enough to enjoy television, but too young to read the channel names, just brilliant.
If you would like to purchase this very handy gadget it is now available from Argos

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  • Kat

    August 6, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Now that- is marvellous!!

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