Some Of The Most Iconic Home Trends In The 20th Century

Fashion trends are changing continuously, including the stylings of our homes. Over the last hundred years, there have been many trends that come and go. The furniture and décor we have in our homes have changed drastically over the years, with some highly influential trends inspiring the way we decorate.

Below are some of the most popular trends over the last hundred years in home decor that may inspire you to breathe new life into your home.

The 1920s

The 1920s was a vivid time, and the most significant influence in this era was the Art Deco movement, which influenced the clothing that people wore and how people decorated their homes. Some of this movement’s characteristics were using bold colours, embracing geometric shapes, and using mirrors to make a statement.

Many antiques are available from then, and reputable dealers have many antiques for sale, including vintage bedside tables, that survive from this time. Oriental rugs and glass chandeliers were also popular at this time, and the decorations we used had a sense of luxury that was soon to change.

The 1930s

The 1930s was an entirely different decade with the great depression affecting many people around the world. As such, the fashion of the time when it came to home decor was simple and understated, which was a direct reflection of the economy.

The 1940s

Although there was a war for half of the 1940s, there was a lot of innovation in this decade with many new inventions and ideas making it into people’s homes. The 1940s saw people adding technology to their homes, including radios, refrigerators, and wooden floors were covered, as people preferred wall to wall carpeting instead.

The 1950s & 1960s

The two decades after the war were a golden time and the way that people decorated their homes reflected this. People started to use bright colours in their houses, and technology was taking giant leaps forward, helping to make our lives easier. People also embraced wooden furniture with Scandinavian influence – open shelves rather than cabinets, and textured carpets and rugs.

The 1970s

Some of the biggest trends for the 1970s were wooden panelling on the walls, stone fireplaces, and coffee tables made from wicker. Deep pile carpets and rugs were also fashionable in the 1970s, and new materials were being used in many different products such the kitchen floors, and the colour schemes were often a mixture of dark and bright colours, such as orange and brown.

The 1980s

The 1980s saw a shift from the psychedelic colours used in the 1960s and 1970s, with people preferring to choose pastel colours and floral prints to decorate their homes. Popular colours of this decade were pastel yellows, greens, and pinks, and you could find floral print on most things in the home, including carpets, curtains, bed sheets, and decorative items.

The 1990s

The 1990s saw a minimalistic approach to the way we decorated our homes, and natural materials were also embraced. Simple wooden furniture was popular, and the colours used can vary from cool pastel to bold accent colours, and keeping things clean and simple was order of the day.

These are a few of the massively popular trends during the 20th century, but there were more besides the ones above. You can find out more information on the 20th century home decoration trends. All you have to do is do a quick search through Google.

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