Smart Gifts for Any Book Lover

Do you have a bibliophile on your gift list? A bonafide book junkie? Are you pretty sure that they have read every book that you can think of and now, you have no idea what to get them? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I have some smart gifts for any book lover. Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t be a book they’ve already read.

Gifts for Any Book Lover

The love of reading is a special thing. Books can take you places that you can only imagine and I think this is why people are so drawn to them and the stories within. I’ve got some ideas that might inspire you to grab some smart gifts that your bibliophile will love.


A true book love is still reading actual books and not using e-readers. They will truly appreciate the gesture of actual bookmarks to hold their page!

A Reading Light:

Trust me, whether they read in bed at night or travel a lot, a book lover will definitely get a lot of use out of a great reading light.

Page Holder:

There will be no more finger cramps or misplaced spots with this page holder that has a built in thumb hole. It makes holding a book open so much easier.

Library Day:

Every book lover knows where the closest library is and also knows where the closest book store is! Getting them a cool new library tote and matching socks is something a bibliophile would get a kick out of and use very often.

The Bucket List:

Any book lover will absolutely love this scratch off book bucket list! It has 100 must read books that can be scratched off as they are read.

The Smell:

Have you ever heard someone say they love the smell of a good book? Well, give a book lover the smell of good, old books in candle form!

The Perfect Shirt:

This is the perfect shirt for a book lover. End of story.

Of course, there are exceptions but with any true book lover, anything book themed, story themed or relatively cosy is always an acceptable gift! You can also personalise the gifts more toward your specific book lover, if you know what some of their favourite stories are. It is always fun to be able to surprise someone with something that was picked out or made just for them.

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