Skin Care Routine For The School Run

If like me, you would rather that all the children got into school on time, with the right kit and everything they need for the day, then chances are you will have as much time as me for a daily skincare routine, no time at all!

Thankfully the Mum Bun is still an acceptable hairstyle for school runs and I always have a packet of mints in the car in case of ‘too late to brush teeth’ disaster and because nobody at school has ever seen me with makeup on, they know no different!

BUT, if i’m honest doing absolutely no skincare routine isn’t good for anyone, so I just need to get into the habit of having an easy, quick routine that won’t take long (no more than 5 minutes) and I am sure my skin will thank me for it, so here is my quick skin care routine for the school run

Cleanse Your Skin

I’m not talking about an hours facial complete with chemical peel, just a simple cleanser that you either wash off or apply and then take off with cotton wool, ideally in the morning to get you feeling fresh for the day and then before you go to bed to get rid of all the dirt and grime from the day.


No matter how young we think our skin looks it will need some kind of moisturiser to help keep it looking at its best, ensure that you choose one suitable for your skin and don’t forget to apply it each day, also don’t leave the lid off the pot so you find a hardened pot of stuff (this MAY have happened this week!). Whether you are planning on putting a full face of makeup on or just a smidge of lip gloss, your face will appreciate being moisturised.


If you choose to apply makeup then make sure you replace it frequently (not every 5 years when its gone rock hard) and ensure you choose products that are going to save you time, such as a primer that smooths, flattens, conceals and holds things in place. You can check out these 10 amazing primers to find the one perfect for you. Lip Gloss is always handy to keep in your bag to ive those lips an extra bit of sparkle without leaving a large coloured splodge on your child’s cheek when you kiss them goodbye!

Sun Protection

Even in the colder months the sun’s ray can damage your skin, so check to see if your moisturiser or foundation has built in sun protection, as we all know the sun can increase the wrinkles and nobody wants those!

Night Protection

A good Night Cream is essential, at night your skin is trying its hardest to regenerate and repair for the next day, so it could do with a little helping hand. If you are prone to forgetting then leave the Night Cream on a bedside table or next tot he alarm clock, so that as you climb into bed you will be reminded.

And there we have it a quick and easy skin care routine for the school run, do you have anything to add ?

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