8 Simple Eating Habits to Implement for a Healthier Tomorrow

Planning to start a healthy eating routine but still don’t want to get overwhelmed? We’ve got you the right stuff. Read on to discover the 8 simple eating habits you can start implementing now to take that plunge.

Practise Mindful Eating

Mindful eating has recently gained a lot of importance, and several studies have found that the more you pay attention to how you eat, the better food choices you’ll make, and the more you’ll be able to reap the nutrients and benefits from the food that you eat. So the next time you sit down to have a meal, make sure you’re not in front of the computer or TV, and are not doing or thinking anything- just focusing on eating and every bite that you take.

Eat the Rainbow

You already know every food group is important, but guess what- every colour of food is important too. In fact, studies have found that fruits and vegetable of each colour have a different nutrient, all of which are essential for a healthy you. Try to keep your plate colourful- include fruits and veggies of different colours everyday to keep things interesting and delicious.

Change your Cooking Method

Take a quick look at the cooking methods you usually employ. Do you tend to eat more of deep fried foods? Are you boiling your veggies and draining them of all the goodness? Consider look at alternative, healthier cooking methods- for instance, try to eat more of stir fried and grilled foods.

Consider Going Veggie or Vegan

A couple of years ago, our teenage daughter made the decision to become a vegetarian, she is a real animal lover and for her, the choice is based solely on not eating animals, other family members are vegetarian due to them not liking the taste of meat, and a few are vegans. If veganism is something you are considering its important to ensure you are getting the right nutrients and a Vegan Test may be a good way to do so, if this is something you think would be beneficial, I have a 15% discount code

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simple eating habits

Keep it On Time

Just like with other aspects of your life, make sure you stick to a routine when it comes to your meals, and eat them on time. Skipping a meal will leave you feeling starved, and you’ll easily get wrapped up in doing things and getting work done, and eventually you’ll start feeling tired and exhausted even before the day ends, not to mention being more prone to cravings.

Switch to Whole Grains

As opposed to their white counterparts, whole grain varieties of foods such as pasta, bread etc are far more healthy and nutritious. Making this switch will not just give you more fiber and nutrients, but also leave you feeling ‘fuller’ and satiated owing to the low GI these foods have.

simple eating habits

Plan your Meals

Most healthy eating experts will tell you this- planning your meals ahead of time and shopping according to that can really make a difference and can help you stick to your healthy eating spree better than anything else. Every weekend, come up with some meal ideas, go shopping and grab the ingredients, stock ‘em up and prep if you can.

Drink More Water

Lastly, make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated all day long. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go to make sure you’re never thirsty, and try to have at least 8 glasses of water a day. Doing this will not just flush the toxins out from your body, but also make you less likely to indulge in mindless eating.

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