Should I use a tongue scraper?

Almost every child is exposed to the basics of dental hygiene at a young age. They are taught how to brush their teeth and how often they should brush their teeth in order to prevent plaque buildup and calories. They are also instructed to go to the dentist twice per year for routine teeth cleaning. Such teeth cleaning helps to remove even more plaque than usual and detect any issues that might have arisen in the previous six months. But all of this effort can be helped additionally by the regular use of a tongue scraper. For an incredibly small investment, a tongue scraper may be able to improve oral health and even help with the problem of bad breath.

Traditional dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is necessary to reduce the amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. The mouth is a warm, moist area of the body where many kinds of sugars and nutrients appear on a regular basis. These conditions make bacteria growth and convert those sugars into the building blocks of plaque. Plaque is a soft deposit that forms from the breakdown of sugar and tooth enamel by bacteria. The combination of these substances helps to break down enamel and cause cavities in the tooth. Cavities that weaken can lead to crowns and root canals. Afflictions to the teeth are also matched by problems with the gums.

In order to combat this process, individuals are instructed to brush their teeth and floss. Brushing teeth has several different effects on the teeth. First, the mechanical action of brushing wears away the plaque that has built up over time. Toothpaste is often made with silica which has individual grains that help brush away plaque. This process can be maximized by occurring twice per day and after meals have already been eaten. Removing food particles through brushing as quickly as possible allows them to be removed from the mouth before the process of plaque production can occur.

In addition, the fluoride in toothpaste contributes to a chemical process that helps preserve and build enamel. Building enamel makes teeth stronger and more resistant to the effects of bacteria and plaque. At the same time, individuals should also floss on a daily basis. Flossing helps to dislodge food particles from between the teeth. This effort helps to remove that food and prevent it from being broken down by bacteria into plaque. These daily procedures are then augmented by visiting the dentist twice per year. Dental visits once every six months provide an individual with extra-close fluoride and mechanical cleaning along with an inspection to spot any problems with the mouth.

The importance of the tongue

These normal approaches to dental hygiene are somewhat adequate. However, they often miss the largest muscle in the mouth and one of its most critical parts. The tongue is a muscle that helps speech and chewing. It is a meaty piece of flesh that is just as susceptible to all of the plaque buildup that harms other parts of the mouth that are the focus of traditional dental hygiene practices. This muscle moves almost all day and works closely with the teeth and gums.

It can have the same sorts of bacteria and integrity problems as other parts of the mouth. The tongue is also a major center for the bacteria growth and the gases that cause bad breath. Keeping this muscle cleaned can help ensure less of a problem with bad breath over time. It is possible to brush the tongue and alleviate the problem somewhat. However, buying a tool made specifically for cleaning the mouth will be more effective in the long run.

The tongue scraper

Individuals should use the tongue scraper whenever they brush their teeth. Since the action is mechanical, they do not have to worry about scraping their tongue too much. Users should begin by placing the long side of the end of the scraper near the back of the tongue well before an individual starts to gag. The tongue should be scraped towards the front of the mouth repeatedly. It will often be covered by a thin white film. That film can be rinsed out with a small mouthful of water if necessary. Once the tongue is scraped several times, the user should clean it with a quick rinse. Cheap tongue scrapers can be bought for only a few dollars.


Tongue scrapers are not the only step to improving hygiene and appearance. They can help an individual feel better about their oral health and about their appearance in general. But more dramatic changes need greater steps. King of Prussia Periodontics and Dental Implants can help with appearance and overall oral health. While preserving oral health with tools such as tongue scrapers is important, King of Prussia Periodontics can step in when an individual requires something more for their dental needs.

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